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What Is SEO And How It Works In Digital Marketing?

Are you facing trouble in increasing the research engine ranking on your website? Or have you started learning about SEO recently? If these two questions relate to you, then you are at the right place.

One of the essential terms in the field of digital marketing is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, it focuses mainly on augmenting the visibility of your website. Once you get accustomed to all the SEO tactics, you can drive traffic to your website strategically.

This guide has explained the fundamentals of SEO and how it works in digital marketing. Read this guide from end to end to gather valuable insights.

What Is SEO In Digital Marketing

Do you think that the search engine that you are using now has randomly picked this site and sent it to you? If so, then you are wrong. Yes, the search engine has brought our website to you, but the system working behind it is vast.

Here comes the concept of SEO. It employs a highly complex algorithm to identify which of the 21 million pages indexed on the search engine is best suitable for answering your query. So can you imagine what level of complicated technology works here?

Search engines such as Google have this intelligence by consistently observing your search behavior and delivering relevant, high-quality results.

The Concept Of Digital Marketing

Now the question is, what is SEO in digital marketing? But before hopping on to that, let me explain to you digital marketing in today’s world. Digital marketing or internet marketing refers to the advertisement and promotion of your ideas, products, or services using the internet. Thus, it is also called online marketing or internet marketing.

From the name itself, we hope that you can perceive how cost-effective it will be since it lacks traditional marketing costs. Moreover, with the advent of COVID 19, the entire business sector across the world has realized the importance of digital marketing.

Role Of SEO In Digital Marketing

SEO is an integral aspect of your digital marketing strategy. As we have mentioned earlier, it takes the website visibility to the next level.

As a result, you can stay ahead of all your potential competitors. In addition to the visibility, it also optimizes the conversion rate, user traffic, and Return on Investment (ROI).

SEO categorizes into two key halves, which are as follows:

  • Off-page SEO: These SEO strategies happen off your website. The on-page SEO factors include links from other sites to your site.
  • On-page SEO: These SEO strategies happen on your website. Furthermore, the on-page factors involve page URL content, title tags, internal linking, image alt tags, and many more.

Did you know that both off-page and on-page SEO make your website trustworthy, friendly, and identifiable to search engines and users? Therefore, your site may perform or rank well among your rivals for related searches. But, please note, it will happen only when search engine crawlers analyze the friendliness of your website.

For instance, suppose you are the owner of two websites – Website R and Website S. Let us assume that Website R is super responsive and suitable for all devices. It means that users will have a good experience on desktop, laptop, tab, and smartphone. On the other hand, say the Website S is unresponsive, and its interface is not suitable for mobile users. Therefore, readers’ experience on mobile will be affected more than those of tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Based on this idea, search engine marketing enables businesses or brands to gain a prestigious position in the market and leverage brand awareness. In particular, search engine practices in online marketing encircle the website promotion in the SERPs to elevate the brand presence.

Technical Explanation Of The Work Process Of SEO

We expect that you have gained a sound knowledge of why SEO is so important for digital businesses by now. Well, then we can speak about the technical procedure of SEO.

Will you feel weird if we say that there are spiders in search engines? But of course, they are the automated ones. They accumulate your website information of all types. In addition to these, they also gather particulars of the other pages that build your sites, such as

  • Social signals
  • Internal linking
  • Backlinks
  • Page speed
  • Title tags, and others.

SEO is so vast that you cannot say where it stops or pauses. The points mentioned above are just a glimpse to clarify your understanding. Google’s actual ranking factors in their algorithm are more than 200, and website optimization comprises all these factors.

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How To Optimize A Website For SEO?

Here are a few tried and tested tips that would help you to hone your Website for SEO.  Moreover, using these, you can give immense thrust to your website visibility and performance.:

  • Conduct detailed keyword research using tools like Ubersuggest
  • Renovate your website to make it mobile-friendly
  • Leverage the website for off-page SEO via influencer marketing, guest blogging, and social media marketing.
  • Try to gate high-quality backlinks to yours by reaching out to leading bloggers and influencers in your niche.
  • Consider subheadlines, URL slugs, meta tags, and headlines to optimize for on-page SEO.


SEO is the heart of the online business. If you think that you have developed a page and viewers will automatically come to your website, you are on the wrong track.

This article has narrated what SEO is, what it is crucial, and how it works with several feasible examples. Furthermore, we also have elaborated on the ways of improving a website for SEO. Now that you have gained a sound idea of SEO, you can now give your website a sharp boost.

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