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A very warm welcome to you on the Write for us page of Just Little Things. Are you an independent blogger or want to show your writing skills, then Just Little Things can help you. We are allowing individuals and bloggers to write for us on various topics eg: write for us beauty, “write for us” fashion, etc. which we allow. We are a rapidly growing platform and believe in providing informative and well-researched information to our users. So, if you are interested in writing for us, then read the below-given terms and information.

Our email: bestsocialsite@gmail.com

The allowed topics on which you can write

We primarily provide blogs related to lifestyle and technical products. Although, we have a very great range of blogs. The major blogs types for which you can write for us:

  • Beauty “write for us”
  • Business “write for us”
  • Education “write for us”
  • Fashion “write for us”
  • Food “write for us”
  • Health “write for us”
  • Home Improvement “write for us”
  • Lifestyle “write for us”
  • Makeup “write for us”
  • Photography “write for us”
  • SEO “write for us”
  • Shopping “write for us”
  • Technology “write for us”
  • Travel “write for us”
  • Wedding “write for us”
  • write for us + beauty

These are the major topics on which you can write for us.

The terms that your content should follow

As we are allowing people to write for us and this can be great exposure for many people. But, this doesn’t mean that we are going to compromise with our content quality. There are certain things you should follow while writing for us and these are:

  1. Content Quality: We only accept high-quality content for our site. So, your article should be unique and there should be no duplication. It should be completely error-free. Before posting your article, our team will also review it for errors.
  2. Content Quantity: Quality is supreme but that doesn’t mean that quantity does not matter. If you want your article to be published on our site, then it should have a minimum of 1000 words. If this term is not fulfilled then your article will not be published.
  3. Accuracy: We believe in providing only true information to our users. So, your content should be well researched and 100% accurate. In this case, if we found false or misleading statements, then your article can get deleted.
  4. Use of Infographics: You have to use either a minimum of 2 images or 1 infographic in your content. These images should be relevant to your article and don’t contain any hyperlinks.
  5. SEO Optimized: All the general guidelines related to the on-page SEO should be followed. Like, use of proper heading, keywords, use of tables and bullets, etc. This can help your content in getting better rankings.
  6. Suitable as per Google: Your content should follow all the guidelines of Google. In case, if it is found violating any of these guidelines then it can be taken down.
  7. Working Links: You are allowed to use a limited number of external links in your content. However, these links should be appropriate and must be working. If any of these links are found broken or not working, then this may affect your whole article. Our team will also review these links before publishing.
  8. Link Removals: If somehow we find your website is working spam activities we will remove your link. A Link has existed for a maximum of 2 Years. We have the right to remove your link after a two-year period of time.

Benefits with writing for Just Little Things

Writing for us is not only convenient for us but it can also benefit you a lot. The main benefits that you can get by writing for our site are:

  • Increased traffic: We have a very good user base and this can help your article in reaching a large audience. And if your article will be user-friendly, then people can also reach your main site by following the given link.
  • Social media influence: If your article looked great and people liked reading it, then we will promote it on social media. This will directly benefit your work.
  • Increased domain authority: We have a very good domain name and getting a do-follow link from us can help you. This can play a major role in increasing your domain authority.
  • Can get featured on our site: If your article is stunning and was liked by our users, then we will feature it on our homepage.

So, by writing good articles for us, you can enjoy all of the above-mentioned advantages.

Want to contact us for writing a guest post?

If you have read all the above-mentioned terms and think that you can fulfill these, then you are welcome. You can write for us by just simply contacting us. You can contact us by emailing the title of your article in the subject of the mail and mailing it at bestsocialsite@gmail.com. Once we found your mail, one of our team members will get in touch with you. In case you need any additional information, then you can visit the same email address.