5 Best Facebook Marketing Tips For Brands

5 Best Facebook Marketing Tips For Brands


Facebook has daily logging of 1.85 billion, which is why your brand must have a presence on Facebook if your target is to reach a large group of consumers. And, to optimize your Facebook presence and rank your business high, you have to have a Facebook Page that will attract and engage the visitors, lead them to your business website, and finally convert them into perspective leads.

It is right for you to get anxious to do so much just for marketing your brand, given the trickiness and time consumption required because of the frequency with which these social media channels update, remove, or modify their features.

Yet, to help you stay ahead in the competition, we have curated a cheat sheet comprising five Facebook marketing tips, especially for brands. Make Facebook posts shareable and make the most of Facebook marketing.

5 Highly Effective Facebook Marketing Tips For Brands

1.) Create a Business Page and not a Business Account:

Brands should never create personal profile accounts on Facebook since it is not meant for businesses. What fits best for them is Facebook Page, which is like a personal profile but more professional and with additional features, like tools specifically added for brands, businesses, and organizations.

Unlike sending a friend request on a personal FB account, Your followers have to hit the “Like” button on your brand’s FB Page to start seeing updates from your brand on their personal News Feeds. By creating your brand’s FB Page, you accelerate Facebook’s business potential for your brand.

And, to remind you, IT is against the Terms and Conditions stipulated by Facebook to create a personal profile for someone/something other than a natural person, such as businesses. If you have made a personal account for your brand, you must immediately change it into a business page or face legal action by Facebook.

The Facebook Page layout is such that it allows you to feature an 820 x 312-pixel cover photo at the head of your brand Page. You should optimize your Page’s cover photo by abiding by Facebook’s Page Guidelines to seize the attention of new visitors, lure them into exploring and unraveling more, and offer an effective mobile experience to them.

In the space provided for uploading a profile picture on your brand’s FB Page, it is better to upload a photo that your Page visitors can easily recognize. For example, your brand’s logo or your picture with a headshot if you are a sole proprietor or consultant.

Your brand Page’s profile picture appears at the top of your Page and at the end of your cover photo. It also acts as the thumbnail image that is shown next to your FB Page’s updates. So, choosing the correct profile picture is essential because your followers will remember your brand more with that profile picture than your brand name.

2.) Place FB Social Media Buttons on Your Websites and Blogs:

Placing social media buttons on your brand’s website and blogs will force visitors visiting your website to see your Facebook social media handle. They’ll not only interact with your brand on its FB Page but will also spread the content promoted there on their FB account.

The “Follow” tab on Facebook Page helps businesses to expand their Facebook reach as it becomes easier for your website visitors to Like your brand’s FB Page with just a click without even leaving your website. They will also be able to see the number of Likes your page has been able to garner along with the faces of those who have Liked your Page through the use of social proof tools to increase its effectiveness.

Using the Facebook Like Box, you can promote your brand’s FB Page on your business’s website and blogs, feature other users who have already Liked your brand’s Page, show the follower count, and display recent posts on your FB Page.

The above-talked button is also beneficial as it allows them to Like your content quickly. Suppose, when a FB user hits Like on one of your brand’s content, this will show as a notification in your friends’ News Feeds because it acts as a signal for the FB algorithms that it might be relevant for your friends.

Another feature similar to Facebook Like Button, called Facebook Share Button, allows users to share your content on their Timeline and friends’ News Feed. Unlike the Like tab, the Share button also permits the user sharing the content to add a personalized message or comment to the link at the time of sharing.

3.) You Should Claim Your FB Page’s Vanity URL:

When your brand’s FB Page is ready to go online, it receives a number and URL that are randomly allotted, which looks something like “facebook.com/pages/yourbrand/248513987.” To make your brand’s FB Page easier to locate and more shareable on the platform, you should create a recognizable vanity URL, which would look like “http://www.facbook.com/zara.”

4.) Take Help from Audience Insights to About Your Target Audience:

The best marketing campaigns on Facebook are incredibly high-quality and especially pertinent to fit into the user’s Facebook environment. In the left-side navigation on your brand’s Facebook Page, you will find the Facebook Ad Manager option where you will discover Audience Insights that are helpful to get information on your customers and prospects.

The Audience Insights tool is helpful in effectively targeting your brand’s marketing advertisements and discovering your customers even when you’re not advertising to them. This is possible because the insights or data you will be receiving will assist you in building more robust buyer personas and creating more gripping and captivating promotional content.

The Facebook Ads Manager feature is a support that lets you know which ad is best for your brand based on the size of your company and the number of ads you’ve planned to run in a go.

5.) You should experiment with multiple versions of one single ad:

If you want to find your target audience, optimize all your promotional ads, and see whether the Facebook advertising is fruitful for your brand or not, you have to run either multiple versions of your single ad or run multiple ads.

You must be capable and creative enough to present multiple campaigns to experiment and test with different parts of your one ad. Go for target audience testing first with a simple marketing campaign and basic image. You will also be required to invest a fair amount of money in your campaign to test and reach a wider audience.

Investing a reasonable amount of money is that when you test more targets and ads, you get rewarded by Facebook ads. Compared to other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platforms, Facebook Ads are very economical if you diligently test them.

Once you’ve tested a simple ad, you can move forward with testing the creative part of the ad, which includes headlines, images, and body text. It would help if you tried to test 20-25 alternatives on your proven targets.

The Epilogue

Facebook is undoubtedly an excellent tool for any business to promote its brands. What is important is figuring out what is better for your brand that will help market it widely and how to make it successfully work for your business. Hootsuite analytics is also helpful to find more such Facebook marketing tips.

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