How to Build Your Audience Personas

How To Build Your Audience Personas?

Are you just starting your steps in marketing? If yes, it’s okay not to know about audience personas. But, I’m sure, one of the most essential goals you have is to build an audience and provide services to satisfy them.  There is no need to worry, as in this article we will talk about audience personas and identify the difference between audience personas and the target audience.

If you think that A target audience persona represents your target audience member but in a more special way, you are not mistaken.

To create a persona, you’ll use all the information from your target audience.

But do you know how to build your audience personas?

In the modern world, a business doesn’t grow in the right direction if the representatives are not aware of the customer’s desires, and do not know the people for whom their company produces or provides services.

Nowadays communication with the client, the establishment of strong and reliable friendships are more important than just formal partnerships. Many businesses prefer to communicate with the customer in person, listen to the customers’ opinions and advice, and create a product that really solves the problem for the customer, adds value, provides a sense of happiness, and eliminates the main fears.

use target audience information

OK, keep reading so as not to miss some of the details about marketing. I will show you more details in simple steps. You may make notes on all of the below-mentioned points in order to create audience personas more effectively and to the point.


  • Where does he or she live?
  • About the university and degree.
  • Specialty or professional experience.
  • Marital status
  • Do they have children or not? If yes, how many?


  • Specify gender.
  • Mention age.
  • Amount of income.
  • Where does he or she work?

Online behaviors

  • Active social media accounts.
  • What is the main social media account that they mostly use?


  • What do they like to do?
  • About their hobbies, behavior, etc.


  • What do they expect and prefer to have?

Their Challenges

  • Why did they decide to use the service you provide?
  •  What is the advantage of choosing especially your service or product?


  • About their interests, behavior.

Maybe without examples, it could be a little bit difficult for you to understand what this actually means. So besides steps, I will show examples to achieve your purpose. Ummm, I mean to create an audience persona.

Maybe you don’t know but creating a persona is not as easy as you think. These questions are not random so if you want to know the answers to all these questions you need to interview your customers and understand their proposals.

When you use a target audience persona like the example I will show you below, your nonprofit will be able to find and address the challenges and potentials of the members of your target audience. So start your audience persona development as it’s critical for every marketing specialist.

Awww! I bring for you a couple of examples to create audience personas!


  • Lives in Colorado
  • Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • Part-time Social media marketing student, full-time work as an accounts manager.
  • Single.


  • Femail
  • 25 years old
  • Household income of $40.000
  • She prefers to use her credit/ debit cards

Online behaviors 

  • Smartphone and laptop user.
  • Uses Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter.
  • Active on Facebook.


  • Loves singing and likes to visit museums, but doesn’t get outside too often.
  • Recycles loves nature and care about it.

Her Challenges / what she is looking for?

  • Need to improve conversion rates on websites with more relevant content.
  • Ensuring all customers are satisfied with the level of service and products provided by her organization.


Customer Accounts Manager is overseeing between 300 and 400 accounts in her

current role. She is single with no children and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Lives in Colorado and commutes to Leeds City Centre on a daily basis for work.

The company where she works employs 38 members of staff. The team she works with consists of 7 individuals and includes all customer accounts in Colorado and even Oklahoma.


  • She is introvert
  • Likes to enjoy coffee alone

What is the advantage of creating an audience persona? Why do you need it?

You will…

  1. Perform the right, effective targeting.
  2. Create content with your customer as you have already imagined in your mind.
  3. Identify customer requirements and interests.
  4. Improve the quality of service & product.
  5. Deliver the right message through social media.
  6. Understand the direction of your focus and time.

As I already mentioned, the audience personas you should create by asking your customers about themselves, and one of the best ways of creating it is an interview, but there are also other variants such as polls in social media. But how will you interview your clients? Do not worry, it’s simpler than you think. You can create Google forms and send your customers, your clients and ask them to complete it as it will take just 1 or 2 minutes.

So we have three main ways to conduct an interview. There are:

  • Online.
  • Available for phone calls.
  • At your company or store.

The questions may be different depending on the field of activity. Here I mentioned only the most important ones, but you can add other questions, of course, if they suit your business.

There are a lot of tools to use and create your customer persona. So, don’t worry!


In order to know the needs and requirements of your customer, every business, first of all, should know where their clients work, who they work with, how old they are, where they live, and even where they like to go. This is called a customer persona.

When you understand and compose explicitly for members of your audience, content marketing works best.

You should create your audience personas. Is there another option?

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