Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Tips
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Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Tips

Commercial kitchens are known for their hectic atmosphere, quick movements, tight spaces, hot liquids, open flames, high shelves, and sharp blades. It is a space that is filled with potential hazards. Thus, it is crucial to ensure a safe working space for everyone.

One of the ways to promote commercial kitchen safety is by focusing on kitchen gas safety. It is a critical part of every commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Tipsperation. Gas appliances and units need to be fitted, installed, operated, and repaired in accordance with the law.

Top commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Tips

If you run a commercial kitchen and are interested in gas safety, you have come to the right place. Our post takes a close look at the top gas safety tips. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

Only Use Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When it comes to a commercial kitchen, you have to make sure that you only use commercial kitchen equipment. The worst mistake that one can make is using domestic kitchen equipment. It is a recipe for disaster.

The thing about domestic kitchen equipment is that it is unable to meet the demands of a commercial restaurant, catering establishment, or café. This means that it would be susceptible to damage which could lead to a safety hazard.

Besides, domestic kitchen equipment would experience frequent and costly breakdowns. Therefore, it simply does not make any sense to use domestic kitchen equipment. Instead, you should stick to commercial equipment that is designed to stand the test of time.

Ditch domestic equipment for the real deal. It will also help you get more work done and deliver outstanding results. Moreover, commercial establishments have an obligation to use the right equipment. You might even end up getting fined if you use the wrong equipment.

Ensure Annual Gas Safety Checks

Another commercial kitchen gas safety tip that you need to consider is ensuring annual gas safety checks. Hire a gas safety engineer who holds a valid gas certificate. Commercial establishments are required to seek gas safety checks every year, according to law.

If you want to stay compliant and promote kitchen safety, you must hire a gas safety engineer to perform checks. Besides, it helps make sure that repairs are performed early on before they lead to something serious.

The kitchen equipment and gas supply will be checked by the professional so that you do not have to stress about anything. A has safe-registered engineer will go out of his way to keep your gas appliances and equipment in order.

Unsafe gas appliances pose a variety of risks, such as gas leaks, fires and explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Only when the gas safe registered engineer gives you the green light to use your appliances after testing them should you continue using them.

Have an Isolation Valve

An isolation valve is a must-have. Your equipment needs to have an emergency isolation valve if you want to make sure that there is no deadly gas leak. If something goes wrong, the isolation valve would immediately cut the gas flow to the equipment.

The fact is that a flame failure device (FFD) needs to be fitted if any equipment uses LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). Dangerous gas leaks will be prevented if the FFD fails to detect a flame produced by the equipment. This should be reason enough to invest in it.

Keep the Commercial Kitchen Well-Ventilated

In addition to an isolation valve, you also have to keep the commercial kitchen well-ventilated. When employees cook in a commercial kitchen, it tends to generate a ton of oils, fats, and grease, which can easily build up. Ventilation goes a long way.

Minimize the possibility of the gas-burning equipment from sparking a fire by ensuring ventilation. It helps keep the commercial kitchen running and prevents hazards. Besides, ventilation is necessary for your employees’ health as breathing smoky air all day causes chronic breathing problems.

Since a kitchen can become too hot and smoky quickly, you must provide adequate ventilation for comfort and safety.

Clean the Commercial Kitchen Regularly

Since the commercial kitchen gets dirty rather quickly, you must keep it clean at all times. Ensuring regular cleaning of the commercial kitchen will prevent the likelihood of a serious hazard.

Clean the Commercial Kitchen Regularly - Commercial Kitchen Gas Safety Tips

If you care about the kitchen equipment and want employees to be safe, you must hire commercial cleaners or employ an in-house janitorial team who would keep the kitchen clean.

The oil and grease that sticks onto the surfaces, fryers, oven knobs, and other pieces of equipment is dangerous. Therefore, you have no option but to clean each piece of equipment.

Broken glass and spills should be cleaned up promptly. Staff should be alerted if extra caution is needed in case of a major breakage or spill.

Install a Commercial Carbon Monoxide Detector

A great tip that you can benefit from is installing a commercial carbon monoxide detector. Besides the possibility of fire and explosion, gas-burning catering equipment also generates dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

If you are not familiar with carbon monoxide, it is an odorless and colorless gas that can cause serious illness or even lead to death. It is not something that should be taken lightly. Thus, you must get a commercial carbon monoxide detector.

The reason why a commercial carbon monoxide detector is important is that it offers amazing detection capabilities.

You can even link it to your system so that gas supply is monitored, and if CO2 levels exceeded the predetermined threshold, the system would automatically shut off the gas supply. It would be about 2800ppm. However, you can set the CO2 threshold at any level you want.

Require Proper Attire

To ensure commercial kitchen gas safety, you should also make it compulsory for employees to wear proper attire. It is a good idea to provide kitchen uniforms to employees. If you cannot afford to purchase kitchen uniforms, you should still restrict employees from wearing baggy clothing.

The commercial kitchen staff should wear clothes that properly fit them and cover as much skin as possible. Closed-toe shoes are an absolute must. Enforcing strict rules regarding workplace attire will offer the desired results.

Train Employees to Use the Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Since it is not necessary for each employee to know how to properly use the commercial kitchen equipment, you should provide training to every new hire.

Employees should know how to use commercial kitchen equipment and properly communicate to keep work flowing. There is always the risk of unintended collisions in a busy kitchen. Therefore, employees need to know how to communicate with one another effectively.

Place Non-Slip Mats

Workers move quickly while working in the kitchen. If the floor is greasy or wet, employees can easily slip and fall. Therefore, you must place slip-resistant mats in every hard-working area.

Trips, slips, and falls should not be taken lightly. They can lead to a major explosion. You should focus on preventing slips from ensuring kitchen safety.

Install Equipment Guards

Equipment guards are the unsung heroes that you need to know more about. It is easy to forget about safety when there is a rush. By placing equipment guards, you get to prevent injuries caused by something as simple as a lack of attention.

Listen to Employee Concerns

Since employees run the commercial kitchen, you should hear from them about the potential dangers. If they point out something, you should not ignore it. Instead, you must take immediate action before something serious happens.

Make it a priority to listen to your team every once in a while. You should arrange a meeting every week to discuss potential hazards. It will ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. Besides, employees would feel empowered when you listen to them.

Hold Routine Fire Safety Drills

Finally, you must hold routine fire safety drills to train employees to take the right action in case there is a serious fire or explosion. Besides, fire drills teach employees valuable skills that they can use in daily life.

Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Safe with These Useful Tips

There is nothing more important than safety. Once you have finished reading our post, you will have no trouble keeping your commercial kitchen safe.

Prevent gas leaks, fires, and explosions by taking advantage of our gas safety tips. Each trip will help ensure that your business continues to operate safely. The last thing you want is to get fined or sued by an employee for a violation of gas safety regulations.

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