Things To Take Care Of While Travelling After The
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Things To Take Care Of While Travelling After The Pandemic

It’s been a long time since you and your family had a vacation together and went on the trips? Isn’t it? We are afraid of the pandemic time, but now as we are done with the pandemic; are you planning for the trip? In this article, we are discussing Things To Take Care Of While Travelling After The Pandemic.

It’s really good that you are planning for the trip, but before going you should consider some of my tips and enjoy them to your fullest.

Things To Take Care Of While Travelling After The Pandemic

Research about the destination very wisely and know the hindrances

Every state and country has different rules and regulations for the visiting hours and simultaneously also provides the mandatory archives that the traveler needs to check once.

Well in many of the states the situation is recovering very fastly and the local governments are relaxed for the tourist flow; if you are planning to travel domestically then the flights are released for inter-state traveling. While booking the tickets even just go through once with the regulations and policies.

Being flexible is the new call for the visitors

As we all know that the hotels, motels, restaurants, all were vacant during the pandemic; and they have come up with the new hospitality management, so visitors have to be flexible with their new changes, and in most of the places only scheduled booking visitors are allowed, so make sure that you have scheduled your stay accordingly.

Make a cool idea!!! And stay lavishly …

Be ready with your document portfolio

If you cross every border and transit area, police staff check the certificate of vaccination with your photo ID. Sometimes if they feel then they can check you once with the rapid kit of covid.

While packing your luggage you have to make sure that all your documents and proofs are packed in a separate shoulder bag so that it would be handy during the time of checking and you feel immediate relaxation at the checking point.

Visit the locale, If international trips are annoying you at the moment

Some of the foreign countries still have many active cases and if you are staying in moderate climate places, suddenly if you fly to colder places it will make you fall sick and you may face difficulties.

To select the local places, I insist on selecting the place inside the borders only. A lot of us have left with some places inside our state, exploring those places.

Make yourself comfortable with the changes

For instance, if you are planning to go on a cruise, then the temperature might differ from your neighborhood. On some days you do not like the changes in the food and temperature. But if you went there with the pre-planning and brainstorming then you might not face the hurdle of that.

Boost up your technological skills

Almost all of us are using smartphones nowadays, but if you are not aware of using the smartphone frequently, then you should train yourself personally. Mobile phones are not good at all, but during the lockdown, we all have developed the habit of using cell phones and right now one can not live without them.

Online bookings are an urge to travel, and you have to book all basic necessities with the help of it.

Social distancing environment is everywhere

We talked at the starting of the article about the pandemic time and social distancing environment; in the hotel’s bookings and restaurant booking lunch and dinner; online bookings and cashless payments are done there.

To avoid the humans in the lobby area the room bookings are done online. Cars and taxis are booked on the online platform only, users have not been given any other choice.

Final call for the biometrics

It is really appreciative that you get a call for biometrics, you are really very lucky and challenging too because people are afraid of getting biometrics done. Because there are changes to get infused with the virus.

Even right now there are no chances of getting a call for the biometrics because it has not started yet. But still, if you take proper documents with you, so if they ask you to show you can cross-check your documents very easily.

Book early and get incentives

As we know that the tourism sector is the only sector that gets affected by the lockdown, to rebound back now many of the three-star, five-star resorts have provided many discounts and complimentary meals. So book your meals and stay right now and get the discounts.

After booking, you can just sit & relax. And enjoy your trips at lower rates. You will find some hotels or motels that are offline available though, but you can be sure about the hospitality and management of that particular hotel. And if they are not providing it then you can not claim it. In case you booked it online and if you do not feel comfortable with the service then you can show them the things mentioned on their sites and can claim if something went wrong.

Protect your plans

Insurance companies have changed their plans in the covid era, they started providing some payback options for the sickness with covid-19. Some insurance companies are providing and not all of them. You have to check and protect your plans.

Along with the 10 tips for traveling after the covid era, I must share my personal experience of visiting the locale: KISNA NATURE PARK, surat. If you are a nature lover then it must excite you to read my in-person experience.

My personal experience

Everyone wishes to enjoy the weekends with family and friends. It’s a simple way to relax and chill out.  I must tell you that last weekend I had fun with my family at Kisna Nature Park situated in surat.

My kids and family had never been to that place, they at first refused to go there, but after reaching there they enjoyed it a lot. The kids are growing age and are glad to watch the birds and scenery at the park.

I taught my kids the importance of nature and we take photographs of birds and name them and find their historic appearances. My kids enjoyed the fish and got fascinated by the colorful environment of the aquariums.

My wife has enjoyed a lot with the yoga and meditation activities in nature. The fish spa brings us the amazing experience of pain relief and relaxation. You can also explore the species of dogs and cats over there.

The park is located in the center of the meadows and they have picnic tables under the trees and you can reserve them as well, we reserve the picnic table to have a feeling of forest lunch over there.

We have booked the barbeque dinner to feel the exotic moments in the woods and trust me it was an amazing experience. The food they served was amazing and you can also book for the photoshoot and take the photographs with you for lifetime memories.

They have provided us with the specific species for photography. We booked a photoshoot with the rabbits, birds & dogs and collected a lot of memories with us. I am sure if you visit Kisna Nature Park you will also be collecting a lot of fun bun and memories with you.

Things To Take Care Of While Travelling After The

Well if talk about the connectivity of that place then, it is well connected by roads and rail, a person can easily commute to the nature park. As there are other locations too in surat to visit, but trust me there is no place like Kisna nature park if you really want to experience animal planet in one place only.

Okay, let me continue with the story of that day again. We went there by pulling my own car from Ahmedabad. So we went there by national highways and other arterial roads. As the roads are well connected and are in good condition, we didn’t face any difficulties reaching there.

Actually, the scene was that we made a bucket list of places to visit in surat, but as we felt amazing at Kisna Nature Park so we didn’t plan to go anywhere else and just enjoyed their whole day.

If you are a person who is following some religion and do not want to eat outside. Then, you can take your food with you and have it in the middle of nature. We are also planning to organize birthday celebrations there. We would like to spend the whole day there again if time allows us to be there again.

My children are more fascinated with the place and ask to visit the nature park again. They also have planned with their school friends and their families to visit Kisna nature park.

Even they insist their school principal arrange the picnic from the school itself. Actually, the most important thing these nature parks provide us is the different species of birds, fish, cats and also the activities.

We shall discuss some benefits of the fish spa:

  • It will reduce the calluses of the feet.
  • It smoothes the skin of the feet.
  • It exfoliates dry skin and releases stress.
  • It will decrease the rough patches.

To gain the benefits of a fish spa you must come here, this nature park has hundreds of attractive points to visit. May there’s only one point you feel not to visit is the distance or kilometers to drive.

I had traveled around 250kms to reach there, but trust me you feel a little dizzy while driving. After reaching there you will forget the distance. I am sure!! There’s a food called “surat no locho” that is very famous. You must try that and it is locally available in the market.

We ate surat no locho that in the morning itself and it was amazing. Although readers may think that it’s an inter-city travel and I manage to go there and it is worth it too. But trust me “It is not like that” if you are an intra-city, intra-state visitor then also it will suffice like anything.

I might feel like after reading the blog, you must think of once to visit this nature park,

You can even surprise your girlfriend, I saw one couple enjoying the girl’s birthday. It can make that girl feel alive and nurture their relationship and nature.

Visit this place, it will make you feel alive!!!

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