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Why You Need Facebook Reviews and How-To Embed Them on sites

According to the reports from Facebook, over 200 million businesses use Facebook. Hence, we can conclude that Facebook stands as a favorite for individuals and stands as an ideal choice for businesses.

What makes Facebook business-favorite? – According to our conclusions, what makes Facebook stand out from other platforms are its regular upgrades and features that make it appropriate for businesses.

Let’s take Facebook Ads as an example – It helps businesses target a particular demographic and amplifies the reach of Facebook business accounts. But some of the criticism it faces is that it is a little pricey for medium and small businesses. But still, businesses that can afford it are usually happy with the services.

Talking about other assistance provides various mediums businesses use to express themselves and promote their market or services. Like, they can use images, videos, texts, and more to explain their brand or their particular product

Another amazing aid from the app is – a Facebook review. And that is what we will be talking about in this blog. We will be talking about Why You Need Facebook Reviews and How-To Embed Them on sites.

Facebook Reviews – A Brief

Facebook has over 2.74 billion monthly active users; hence it provides a great opportunity to obtain more customers and boost the brand’s reach. And as there is more audience and more chances to get customers, it simply means there are more chances to obtain more reviews.

Reviews are highly important for the businesses, as it helps consumers in their purchase decisions and at the same time helps businesses to know the reputation and reception of their product/brand in the market.

Customers often provided one or two-word reviews for a product, which would usually fail the reviews’ purpose. Hence, Facebook made an update, and now it provides the option for the customers to select recommended or not recommended while writing a review. So even if someone is writing a summarized version of their experience, readers get the message.

Facebook reviews also provide the following advantages for businesses.

Facebook Reviews – Importance

As mentioned above, reviews are important for businesses. A platform like Facebook, which has such a huge user base, provides room to gather more reviews. Other than that, it has the following benefits:

1. Provides credibility to the businesses

There is no doubt that Facebook helps businesses to reach more consumers, and a rational consumer always buys a product after reading reviews. It is because everyone trusts reviews and puts their beliefs on the past customers’ experiences. And hence, reviews provide credibility and assurance to the customer about the legitimacy of the brand/product.

2. Increases the reach of the business

When customers provide reviews to the business, it eventually increases the reach of the business. If any Facebook user posts or shares its reviews related to any brand, the social circle on that platform also gets to know about the reviews. Eventually, it helps the business to know about the business, increasing brand recognition and reach.

3. Provides insight about your business to target customers 

Who can better judge the products other than the consumers who are using the particular product? Hence when a customer posts any review related to any product, it provides a great insight to the target customers about the product – like how they can use it, how it can bring a difference to their lives, and more.

4. Helps target customers in decision making

When a customer knows about the product and its insight, it eventually helps them make their buying decision. There are ample stats on the internet that provide evidence that online reviews affect the buying decision.

5. Increases the reputation of the brand

Reviews help the brand to establish itself as they act as proof for the businesses. As there will be more positive reviews, it eventually enhances the brand’s reputation in the market. And as with enhanced reputation, people are more likely to buy from the brand.

Another amazing aspect of having Facebook reviews is that you can easily embed them on the website and increase the credibility of your business. You just need amazing social media aggregator tools for that purpose, and these are some of the amazing tools that might help you in this cause.

Best Tools To Embed Facebook Reviews On The Website


Tagembed is known for its smooth running and budget-friendly prices. It is one of the best tools out in the market that helps you aggregate social feeds from various social media platforms and then display them on your website. It is compatible with 18+ social media platforms; hence you never have a shortage of content to post. It provides you with a dedicated Facebook review widget that you can use to embed Facebook reviews from your Facebook business page.

Moreover, the tool also allows you to customize the feed as per your choice, and you change the layout and themes of the feed, change the font size, font style, and more and make the feed suitable to your style. Moreover, you can even use the Moderation feature to filter out all unwanted and irrelevant content from your feed. Generally, it happens that users also mention some other brands while writing their reviews, which might divert your target customer to any other brand. With the help of the moderation feature, you can easily filter out the content that mentions some other brands in your reviews and keep your readers focused on your brand only.

It also provides you with custom CSS, Analytics, and more.


SmashBalloon is another amazing social media aggregator tool that provides you with a responsive and customizable Facebook page to their WordPress website. You don’t need any technical knowledge to run this tool, and with just a few simple steps, you can easily embed Facebook reviews on your website. 


Onstipe is a brilliant tool that lets you add Facebook as your source to collect feeds and embed them on your website. It allows you to design and moderate the feed before displaying it on the website. As a result, you can provide a custom design and add some grace to your website.


As it is important to collect reviews for a business, at the same time, it is also important to showcase reviews to websites. Embedding Facebook reviews on the website is a smart way to win the trust of your visitors. So use the tools mentioned above and provide a boost to your sales.

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