Should I Buy My Engagement Ring Online?

With many alternatives available from where to shop nowadays, individuals are indecisive about where to do their shopping. It is even more confusing, when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring, as it is something sentimental and needs a perfect fitting.

Shopping for engagement rings is more detailed, as opposed to adding objects to the cart and rushing to enter credit card details on the website. People will always ask questions like, Should I Buy Engagement Ring Online? or at physical stores and see what I’m buying?’

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but jewel gurus say that there are more benefits of buying online than buying in physical stores. In this article, we shall respond to the most asked questions about buying rings online.

Do Is Buy Engagement Ring Online Cheaper Than At A Physical Store?

The rumour that engagement rings sold online are more expensive than those sold in a physical store is a lie. This is because local jewelry stores have to keep inventory where they have many employees as compared to online stores.

The costs associated with online stores are lower hence can afford to sell their jewels at lower prices. Actually, you can pay around 15% to 50%  lower when you purchase online for the same quality of diamonds you could find in a physical store.

Before you buy any jewel, do intensive research to be able to identify what you are after and get the specifications correct to match the quality you want, this will avoid the problem of going over your budget.

In summary, it is cheaper to buy an engagement ring online at a physical store.

What If The Ring Does Not Have A Perfect Fitting?

When you opt for buying a ring online, you will be provided with a variety of different alternatives to ensure that you pick the right size of the ring. Many widely known online jewelry dealers offer free ring size measuring kits given to you upon request.

Some retailers also offer free downloadable ring size guides. On top of that, they offer free resizing services up to a certain period of time, like a year. Always read the return policy to capture if they have free return shipping, how long you can make a return or exchange.

What Options Do I Have When I Purchase An Online Store?    

There are wide options when shopping for an engagement ring online. To start with, you can access different stores in the world and compare a range of rings before buying them. You can explore many sites while just sitting comfortably on your couch.

Rather than visiting two to three stores in your local area giving you more choices. The online platform allows you to choose the perfect ring for yourself. Because you get access to thousands of engagement rings where you will have the ability to match and mix metals, designs, and gemstones.

You can even go ahead and customize your ring by buying the metal and stone differently and designing it to your preference.                            

To make it even more interesting, you can take all the time you want to buy a jewel online, you can consult customer service by chatting live with them. The thought of having salespersons putting pressure on you to buy a ring is not in the picture. You avoid feeling obligated to buy something because you’ve taken too much time for a salesperson.

What If I Would Like To Try It On Before Purchasing?

Sadly, you are not given a chance to try the ring on before buying Engagement Ring Online. You can pay for the ring you have chosen, and when you look at the appearance and you are not impressed, you can always return it for a full refund. Known stores offer a full refund to their clients, ensure you confirm that the full refund policy is available before purchasing.

How Do I Determine If The Stone Is Genuine?

Reputable stores always have inspected and certified inventory, so you can be assured if you purchase from them you will get genuine diamonds. Additionally, diamonds usually come with a certificate of authenticity. Be sure to enquire about the certificates when shopping.

Sometimes you may have doubts about black diamonds as if you don’t know anything about the black diamond. Then let me tell you that black diamonds are as real & natural as black diamonds! Black is also gaining its popularity online! Genome Diamond offers high-quality black diamond jewellery. It is the leading diamond jewelry manufacturer from India. You should buy black diamonds online!

Will The Ring Look Like It Does In The Pictures?

Today, top retailers offer a 360 view technology where you get to view your ring and stone from all angles. It has a magnification of up to 20 times, with this, you can see every detail of the ring, inclusions, and any flaws that could not be seen in bare eyes. You can be assured to get what you see with this technology.

What If My Gem Gets Lost During Shipping?

Once more, many top retailers have insurance for the item in transit. Once you receive the package, you will be required to sign for it. The majority of the retailers offer free insured shipments.

What If I Receive The Ring And Realize I Don’t Like It?

Again, most retailers offer a 30-day free return with no minimum purchase amount. This means that whether you have paid 50$ or 100$ you are still entitled to the same service. We have exceptional retailers that will pay for return shipping if it is within the US. They advocate for 100% customer service.

What If I Need Someone To Choose My Ring?

Top retailers have available and reliable 24/7 live charts with diamond ring experts. The customer service panel would take their time to patiently answer your queries in-depth, even those questions you think are brainless. Furthermore, they are not assertive in trying to make you buy things. Even if you feel you’ve spent a lot of their time, you will not feel obligated to make a purchase.

To recap, there are many pros than cons to for shopping your engagement ring online. The customer service personnel can be helpful and make your purchasing process fun and easy at the same time. Shopping online has a variety of options than at a physical store.

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