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Wearables Go Beyond Watches: Look What It Can Do

Technology has made our imaginations and expectations broader. The tech advancements have given a shoulder to our dreams that we demand and expect much more than offered. We can expect flying alarms, too, perhaps. The wearable world seems limitless because of the plenty of features it provides. Formerly sensors were on your ears, finger, toes, wrist, or somewhere in your clothing. But today, when you hear wearables, what comes to your mind is Watches! And Apple Watches, to be exact.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is fantabulous, indeed. However, there’s a reason to look ahead of Apple if you are researching wearable tech. These fascinating devices go way beyond watches, keeping us fit and healthy. They also improve our inherent skills or provide us with fantastic new powers. Haha, not supernatural powers, of course, stop daydreaming!

Fitness Wearables

In fitness, there are only 2 names: Garmin & Fitbit. Fitbit revolutionized the fitness world since you could track data with a little clip on your belt, shoe, or wear in a watch band. Previous GPS maker Garmin shifted to fitness devices years back, and despite fierce competition from brands like Polar and Suunto, Garmin has become equivalent with wrist-worn tech.

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Garmin Forerunner 945’s in-built, color topographical maps that display elevation data with streets, summits, & points of interest. You can access these maps prior to working out to look for a famous place to run or during the workout to get back to the origin location.

It has a pulse oximeter, primarily to help you adapt to running at high altitudes, even though there might be other reasons to study your blood’s oxygen saturation. The heart rate sensor measures 24/7 to monitor your resting heart rate and utilize that data to discover if you are overtraining or getting sick.

While working out, the heart rate monitor is handled in intensity to capture small changes in your heart rate as your workout. Optical heart rate monitors normally are not as precise as chest straps, but our testing with a Polar H10 chest strap recommends that Garmin is shrinking the gap.

Health Wearables

Another side of wearables is health, and we can examine several metrics we simply couldn’t keep an eye on a decade ago. Wish to supervise your blood pressure more closely once every 6 months at the clinic? Do you require to keep an eye on your heart rate, restfulness, activity levels? Wish to lose weight, be more present, live a better life, be better overall? Apple Watch Series 6 is totally your best bet!

The concept of “finishing the rings” was launched with the first Apple Watch and is a great way to gamify health. With millions of Americans working from home, it is an excellent motivation tool.

Apple’s newest watch builds on the pulse oximeter for medical use in the Forerunner. Medically, pulse oximeters confirm if there is adequate oxygen in the blood, and is essential for heart attack patients or those having asthma, lung disease, or other respiratory problems. That’s why SpO2 detects serious complications from COVID, using a medical-grade pulse oximeter instead of a consumer product like the Apple Watch.

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But, tech like this is unlocking new areas on an everyday basis. There was no way to examine SpO2 on any sort of meaningful scale in the past, making it tough to ascertain what the number meant. By launching this feature on a vast scale, Apple has facilitated researchers to dig in & determine when it’s a warning.

Sleep Tech

Many devices claim to track your sleep. From pillows & watches to apps & phones, many things will tell you how sound you slept, how effectively, & more. It’s done the best with the Oura Ring. An arrangement of small MEM sensors inside this polished titanium band assesses negative thermal coefficient body temp, spatial positioning, 3D acceleration, and much more.

Oura can effectively assess your sleep, and most important offers you some guidance. For instance, if you slept for 8 hours and woke up a few times, this tech notices it and offers you some useful tips concerning that. It notes everything intensely, even if you get REM sleep, but not much of sound sleep, stages that are easy to perplex. Sound sleep is the most rejuvenating, and the app notes everything.

Other smart rings concentrate on NFC, allowing you to open devices & services with your palm’s wave. Due to the super-affordable chips, you can get one at a nominal rate. These are functional but not much meaning.


The rise in popularity for wireless earbuds, mainly those from Apple, has grabbed a lot of attention these days. But beyond blocking the traffic sound and allowing you to hear the latest Reply All podcast, today’s hearable can do a lot. Some can amplify your listening to overcome hearing loss or let you concentrate on the person across the table in a loud restaurant. They’re super affordable than hearing aids & don’t need Food & Drug Admin approval.

Cooler is the real-time translation powered by AI, ML, and cloud processing. Many devices offer this tech, including devices from Samsung and Google. You can do it on any Android smartphone nowadays. Timekettle goes one step ahead, promising offline translation that works even when you are not connected to the cloud.

This software displays incredible powers to break down barriers. It has great abilities, like speaking any language, anywhere at any time, whether on a hike through mountains, a holiday overseas, or on a cruise ship in the middle of the sea. Despite the claims that it makes, offline translation is still in progress.

Bottom Line

Technology & innovation can bring significant changes to our lives. However, it does not do it fairly! None of these gadgets are cheap; even the least expensive one costs 100s of dollars. And billions of people on this planet face the same issues: Awful sleep patterns, irregular heart rates, a lack of workout, and overall health concerns. Introducing the power of wearable tech to the greater world is a challenge that these companies are yet to resolve. Is 2023 a revolutionary year?

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