Top Tips to Travel in

Top Tips to Travel in Covid-19

In 2020, following the declaration by the World Health Organization that Covid-19, AKA Coronavirus, has become a pandemic, countries all over the globe scrambled to contain its spread. Many countries went into immediate lockdown and suspended everything; from daily flights to closing borders, holding trade, and setting up a curfew-like situation. Even now in 2023, there are many countries around the world that are on complete or partial lockdown, meaning you cannot just simply fly there. Or at least you have to stay in quarantine for a specified period of time in a hotel or private property before formally entering that country.

Top Tips to Travel in

This is just a very sad state of affairs and in this century, we cannot even accept uncertainty and something like this can cause a global catastrophe, let alone be affected by it for more than a year now. But it has happened and the world was forced to adapt for its own sake. Millions were affected and even the economies and businesses took a huge toll. Even in 2023, taking precautions is all we can do apart from getting vaccinated. Although travelling has resumed in some countries with SOPs in place, there are still some hurdles which we need to clear. For this reason, we are going to discuss all the top tips you need to know about travelling in Covid-19 times. 

Top Tips to Travel in

Travel with social distancing

Countries went through lockdowns and total closure in order to delay or contain the spread of the epidemic. Governments and societies also introduced ‘social distancing’ of people, in which schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, pubs, bars, public gatherings, and any other kind of public interaction was banned. In some parts of the world, many of these places are still closed and social distancing is still in practice. With these ways, more people are protecting themselves from getting infected until they have their vaccine shots. If you want to travel under any circumstances, you need to maintain a social distance from others all the time.

Keep yourself updated on official government webs and other channels for travel policies

When Covid-19 was spreading at a pandemic rate, the only weapon mankind had was a social quarantine, or self-isolation before vaccines were in the market. But people who had imminent travel plans were the ones left wondering what to do next. These confusions still exist to some extent in 2023 as well due to the ever-changing policies of different governments around the world. Imagine yourself in such a condition where you have no clue of the next hour. What will you do? What exactly is the right move to make? For this reason, we highly recommend you to update yourself on official government websites and other channels for travel policies and other information.

It is imperative to plan your travelling with a renowned travel agency and not just anyone. They can guide you about your travel plans, as well as about the destination, tickets, accommodation, travel policies, future of travelling and much more. If lucky, you can also book cheap flights to your destination, or an ideal holiday travel package, or any other travel detail on their platform even in this crisis situation.

Plan your trip to accessible countries or travel domestically

It completely depends on what public health experts and policymakers have to say in this matter. Most of the countries are now on partial or no lockdown, and some are still closed with their air, water, and land borders completely shut off in order to contain the spread of this virus and its variants. However, domestic travelling is still possible with different airlines still running their operations even in the countries that Covid hotbeds. Some of the other modes of transportation such as buses, trains, trams, ferries, and even private cars are still travelling between and intercity.

Postpone your holidays

Yes, simply postpone your holidays to countries that are currently closed, and will remain closed in the coming future. Cancelling or postponing your travel plans depend a lot on the policies of your government and the government of the country you’re travelling to. These policies are changing due to the severity of the virus and its variants, along with multiple waves. Our personal advice is to try and travel less or in a bubble with the following SOPs. Minimize going out, maintain social distance and try to stay indoors as much as you can. Even if you have to travel to attend to vital matters, always take precautions as advised by healthcare authorities and cooperate with immigration staff or any other agency that is trying to prevent the spread of this virus.

Get Vaccinated or get a booster shot if it’s time to get one

Vaccination drive is in full effect in almost all countries, things are going towards betterment. With different vaccines in the market, many countries are vaccinating their citizens in a large quantity each day. Government portals are updated continuously, which is why we recommend you to get vaccinated as soon as possible so that you can not only travel freely but also safely. There are many vaccines in the market now, and different countries are not considering some vaccines due to some reasons. Try to get one that is accepted by the majority of the countries.

The virus is mutating into different variants so avoid travelling to their hotbeds

If the travelling plans are confirmed and you are going to another country to attend to your matters, you should still consider all the risk factors that are at play. Currently, there are multiple waves hitting different countries along with the mutation of the virus into different variants. Even if you are vaccinated, there is a possibility that you may become a carrier of this virus or worst, you can get infected by its variant. The quality of healthcare and preventive measures that a country or city is taking should always be on your mind, and the final decision of travelling should be taken after analysing it. Just in case if you become ill at that place, what type of care will you get? Another thing that you should think about is getting ill from any other disease and being put in quarantine. Spending 2 or more weeks in quarantine in any strange country can be unbearable pain. So, if travelling is that important, you do need to prepare and plan accordingly.

Take the emotion out of travelling

We are emotional beings. Sometimes we are attached to a specific place for some reason. Also, some of us are religious and pilgrimages are also important to our lives. But many religious and tourist activities have been suspended all over the globe since 2020, which is why you will face travel restrictions one way or the other. You may be able to reach a city in a country, but that city may be the only place where you can go. There may be a domestic travel ban or restrictions in play. The worst part about it is that these restrictions and travelling policies can change at any hour. So, you also need to keep this in mind and take out the emotional part completely from travelling. Countries can even deny entry upon arrival if they suspect you or anyone else in your plane, bus, train, or even cruise ship to be having some symptoms of COVID-19. Well, things are quite serious in the whole world since March 2020 which is why it is wise to plan accordingly.

Take all safety measures

After all the discouragement even in 2023, if you still want to go ahead with your travel plans, you need to take all the safety measures as advised by the WHO or the health department of the country or city you are visiting. SOPs remains the same and you are recommended to wash your hands with soap as much as you can, cover your nose and mouth at all times with a surgical facemask, and maintain social distancing. You also need to keep hygiene and adopt healthy eating habits no matter where you are. Use hand sanitisers and keep a distance of 3 to 4 metres from any other person. Take a lot of care especially when you are travelling. Limit your travelling and outdoor time as much as you can.

Even with the ever-looming danger of Covid-19 and all its variants, if you take all the precautions and safety measures sincerely, you can reduce your chances of getting infected. Take good care of yourself and your fellow travellers, and enjoy all the places you can travel to.

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