Traveling by train can be far more amusing than traveling by road or air. Road journeys are bumpy and discomforting if it’s a long one. Air travel, on the other hand, is expensive. So, train journeys are affordable, quite comfortable and fun. Here are some guides to remember while on a train journey. So, the next time you plan a train journey you don’t have a problem.

 Pack snacks

Most trains have dining cars, they have either-edible food or the food is costly. You might also want to buy snacks, but they aren’t all that healthy. When you’re stuck on a train for a long journey, the first thing you want is food. Food delivery in train has proved to be a boon for the passengers. But come prepared with a variety of foodstuff to bite on.

 Wear shoes

While on a train, it’s very much obvious that you’ll slip off your shoes. But make sure to carry an extra pair of slippers or wear shoes that you already have whenever you have to walk around in the train or go to the bathroom. Because no matter how much you find your train coach clean, it’s always hygienic to wear a shoe.

Wet wipes and toilet paper

During a long journey, you will use the washroom in a train. Always make sure to carry wet wipes to keep yourself clean and fresh. Also carry toilet papers because some will have them while some won’t at all. But those trains will always run a little low by the time the journey ends.

Sleeper coach

A sleeper coach is not that bad. In fact, the seats are quite comfortable and roomier than an airplane seat. You may even stretch out nicely. Spending nights in sleepers on train is amazingly well, so the additional cost for the sleeper is worth it. There is nothing like the lull of the train to put a person to sleep.


Some trains offer free wireless internet service, so if you get bored in the train a Wi-Fi service will get you out of it. But one of the amazing things about riding a train is that it exemplifies the concept of slow travel. Take your opportunity to pull out a journal, or a good book or just watch the scenery roll by. Rarely do we get the chance to relax, so you can carve out that time on a train.

Most people out there prefer traveling by train for the following reasons:

  • You enjoy the scenery.
  • Trains are more spacious than a plane. Trains seats are more comfortable and you can stretch out your legs.
  • Trains arrive right in the center of the city. More convenient when most airports are situated several kilometers away.
  • The train is more affordable than paying for the flight. You will save big bucks in the process.
  • There is less security check. Yes, those terrifying and long hours in airport lines for check-in, security, immigration, and boarding will already tire you. But being on a train you can avoid most of it.

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