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Glamping: Connecting With Nature Luxuriously

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Many of us who enjoy nature have a hard time getting excited about rustic camping. You may love to look at the stars, but if you just can’t get excited about sleeping on the ground, glamping may be a great option for your next vacation. Glamping Connecting with Nature Luxuriously is the version of the rough outdoor experience of camping. Glamping allows you to relax and pamper yourself in the beautiful nature. The world without having to deal with the dirt and work of setting up a traditional campsite. It’s a glamorous way to be in nature for those who don’t always like being in nature. 

Glamping Vs. Camping

Tent camping is the most common activity that comes to mind when folks talk about camping. A true rustic camping experience includes carrying in all of your water and foods and carrying out all of your garbage. You may be allowed to build a fire in an existing ring, but there’s no bathroom and no electricity.

Glamping offers you the chance to enjoy the great outdoors in more comfort. For example, instead of a tent, you might stay in a cabin or an RV. Instead of a camping mat, you’ll have a mattress. You may enjoy a daily swim, but you’ll also have a shower and a toilet. Many glamping sites will set up entire tents for you and your glamping party. These tents are usually really large and beautiful and of course spotlessly clean- like a nice hotel room but outside! The tents often have real and comfortable beds as well as all of the small amenities you may need while camping. You just have to step out of your tent and find yourself in some of the most beautiful places in the natural world. 

Caravanning is also fun and some people have mastered it in Caravan life no matter what the environment is.

Tools and Tricks

To have a great glamping experience, consider treating your camper or your RV as you would a backpack. Carry in only what you need so you can easily carry it out again. Downsize everything and keep things as simple as possible. If it looks as though your vacation may include some cool weather, bring in cans of chili and pancake mix, but don’t bring in the ingredients for chili so you’re forced to cook in a strange kitchen.

Many glamping cabins will have the basics already. You should bring your own shampoo but you probably don’t need to bring towels. You may want to bring your favorite coffee, but there will probably be a pot and filters. As possible, consider bringing a screened-in shade house to set up outside for kids and adults who need a break from the cabin. If bugs are an issue, a screen house can make the cabin less crowded. Many of these spots will be located very nearby hiking trails, lakes, rivers, mountains, and other natural spots to explore so you and your family will always have plenty of activities to keep yourselves engaged. Of course, if you’ve had your fill of hiking, you will have a beautiful tent or cabin to retire to. Some glamping locations even offer free food services essentially like a hotel might but you are outside in the woods or next to a lake in a big beautiful tent.

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Isolation Vs. Community

One of the big differences between campers and glampers is the need for community. RV dwellers tend to be a social bunch. If you rent an RV and stay in a park, there will be folks within the visual range of your spot and you will probably hear other campers as you go about your day.

If you really want isolation on your PA glamping trip, search for a spot in the forest. Rent as small an RV as you think you can enjoy during your vacation so you can get further off the beaten path, or seek out a cabin at the end of the trail so you don’t get a lot of foot traffic.

Some glamping companies will even do all of this for you to ensure you get a truly isolated experience in nature. They offer different tents and cabins in various locations. So you can get as much or as little isolation as you’d like for your special getaway. Some glamping locations even offer private tents and cabins on the edge of lakes. For the beautiful and private views, perfect for honeymoons or special getaways. 

Aim Higher

Another option for a unique journey and enjoying the natural world with a bit more flair is treehouse travel. Many of these clever glamping locations allow you to enjoy time in the trees, plenty of fresh air, and the privacy granted by staying high in the trees.

The state of North Carolina offers visitors multiple treehouse cabins. You can stay in a multilevel treehouse with several sleeping spots, or stay on your own in a tiny cabin high in the trees. Many of these structures are located with great views of the mountains. Your treehouse will offer tremendous privacy, a lovely kitchen, and luxury linens for a great sleep in the deliciously fresh air. Treehouse glamping locations are a super unique way to vacation and provide ample isolation, glamour, and opportunity for Instagram envy. These magical spots are perfect getaways year-round for all sorts of vacations be them romantic honeymoons or a fun family adventure. 

Don’t Forget Lodges

Many of those who love to camp do so for privacy and isolation. However, if you love good company, wonderful food, and great views, consider renting a room or a private suite in a lodge. In many of these settings, you can enjoy great food. That you don’t have to pack in or cook, beautiful views in a luxurious common area, and multiple pre-planned activities.

Lodge camping is also a great option for camping in a family group. For example, camping with a small child or a beloved elder can be hazardous if you’re far from civilization or trying to maneuver through narrow doorways or up long stretches of stairs.


The ultimate tier of luxury when it comes to nature lodges. Glamping sites have different types of lodges and cabins for all sorts of camping parties of all sizes. These cabins have everything you’d need in them and usually have extra luxury amenities. Such as hot tubs, outdoor heated showers, private lake or river access, and special communication lines. So you can still use your phones and call different services from your remote location. These glamping spots can be found in all sorts of natural areas, even in the high mountainous areas, giving you all the opportunity to take some amazing Instagram pictures. 

Every camper is different, and every goal for your next trip will be unique. Whether you want a drivable suite like an RV, a custom cabin high in the trees, or a shared experience in a lodge. You can be a happy camper and never have to sleep in a tent. Check out RV rentals, and look for unique cabins that offer a new twist on a great view. Consider glamping sites that offer all levels of amenities and find the one that’s best for your trip. How you want your getaway to feel. If you’re someone who loves nature but doesn’t know how to pitch. A tent or cook over an open fire, or maybe you just want more of a relaxed. Pampered vacation, there is always a glamping experience out there for you!

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