Installing Air Conditioning Systems
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Point To Remember Before Installing Air Conditioning Systems

The air conditioner or commonly known as ACv is now a basic need everywhere, as the summer comes with a new level of heat due to the global warming effect on the earth. Once the sweltering heat tunes up, people all over the world start using their AC systems to stay cool. There are various types of AC systems to choose from. You can choose it based on the room size and your budget.

Selecting the Best Air Conditioning Systems

Whenever you go to buy an AC, take care of the following things before bringing it to your premises:

  • The energy efficiency of the room – It is measured by the ratio of the cooling capacity to the power input.
  • Proper sizing of the room – The cooling capacity of AC depends on the size of the room. A properly sized unit is useful to remove humidity effectively and cools the room.
  • Star rating levels – BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency mandates the star rating for every air conditioner and shows the range of EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of AC.

After selecting proper AC systems for your premises, the proper air conditioning installation is required to enjoy the cooling effect. This part is crucial thereby you must get it done accurately to get the optimum cooling effect. The installation was done poorly results in frequent maintenance problems and the desired cooling effects are also not received.

The things to take care at first before air conditioning installation is to perform a load calculation, looking at things like your home’s square footage, how many windows and doors you have, etc. Below mentioned are the basic factors affecting the installation of AC in your premises:

  • Type of system: It is a common practice to purchase less expensive AC systems to save up costs. The design of your best air conditioner system will affect its cost of installation. It is recommended to avoid the installation of these systems on your own. Call the skilled technician to get professional service that can quickly install all necessary components in an effective manner.
  • Seer rating and size of a system:  Make sure that the AC unit has a suitable size and comes with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, which measures its efficiency. The high value of SEER is better for your system, as it will give you more energy savings. The professional workers will analyze the available space and ensure that you get AC of the right dimensions.
  • Location: Performing an air conditioning installation at a location from where it can efficiently keep the room cool is highly important. Not only for the indoor unit but for the outdoor unit also the proper location is required to work efficiently. The compressor should be kept in an open shady area where it can’t get overheated. Additionally, it requires being in a location where its airflow is not blocked. This ensures maximum efficiency whenever it is in use.
  • Efficient ductwork: Before air conditioning installation, it is necessary to safeguard that your ductwork is in good condition. If the current air ducts have leaks or some other type of damage persists, they will not work as efficiently as they could. Besides, if you are installing a new central AC system, it doesn’t make sense to do so without first fixing these leaks because new ductwork will be done freshly. Of course, this will affect the cost of your AC installation, but you should take this into consideration.

Like mentioned before, it is important that to think about energy consumption, air quality, durability, maintenance, etc. Air conditioning installation can add value to your home and provide comfortable indoors. By taking above-mentioned factors into consideration, you can make a wise decision that can improve your comfort levels during the hot summers.

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