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Evolving Healthcare With New Prospects Of AI: 2023

Today I read a new research paper on the history of the healthcare industry. Well’ that research paper has not covered all the information hence I researched it for deep learning and explored it with my audience.

Starting from the ancient time, from 1700 healthcare was focusing on policy forming and managing the basic drug necessity. Nursing staff’s education was evolving in a way that, firstly nurses are not proven with the knowledge of technology, but by the time innovations are taking place and with the help of technology education is also increasing.

Healthcare is diversified with finances, technology, and human resources. In every country of the world there’s a history of the pandemic with the diseases associated are cholera, malaria, tuberculosis, polio, etc. after that they have to realize the importance of health, and there is a saying called “ Health is Wealth”. & that’s actually true. Let’s discuss below how evolving healthcare with new prospects of AI.

Evolving healthcare with new prospects of AI-www.justlittlethings.co.uk

Traditional healthcare: [It really seems ok?]

Traditional care refers to manual practices and homemade medicines, those are not effective as today’s drugs and medicines but can be helpful for the long-term healing process. The Ayurveda medicines are also there to provide medicines from plants and other minerals.

There are many types of medicines used anciently like: herbal medicines, complementary medicines, and traditional medicines. As I told you earlier that as follows:

Traditional medicines: totally based on the experiences and beliefs of the elder people.

Complementary medicines: Are medicines that are not conventional medicines but can be used sometimes in the place of the traditional one.

Herbal medicines: The name itself suggests that the medicines are made up of herbs and plants.

The main role of these medicines is to provide primary care and provide immediate care for diseases or wounds or the impairment of the muscles. These medicines are most useful for army troops and during civil wars. People living in the city do not face such situations, but people who worked for the nation or people living in remote areas may have such circumstances that they help themselves with the traditional medicines only.

Basically, if we do exercise on one thing, “Ask yourself or try to remember how you were supposed to visit the doctor pastly?” and the things that come to your mind are, consulting a doctor is a time-consuming process whether the patient has to wait there for a longer time in the queue and till then he/she feels awkward with the process.

Patients sometimes avoid visiting the doctor for such reasons and they fall sick for a longer time, and the problem in the remote areas is that the availability of clinics is very less in numbers and it does not match with the guidelines anyhow.

The trafficking is seen in the small clinics and hospitals, multispeciality care is not available in the remote areas so people have to travel long distances to cure some major diseases, for this reason, people have to face some problems and fall in serious condition.

Anciently,  if we remember then there was no emergency ambulance facility available, people needed to go by themselves and there were such automated cars developed, people needed to reach there by informal mode of transportation, by the time they reach the hospital the person no longer exists in the world.

Talking about the education of healthcare is a must, medical education historically provided no technology and practical knowledge, but after the innovations came into the picture the whole education system changed.

The role of technology in healthcare: 

The population in India is about 1.3 billion where providing medical facilities is a tough task and to provide good care and ensure the proper treatment, tech innovators accept the challenge and start inventing new things.

Looking back at the year of the 2000s, the healthcare sector has made many innovations and we should be proud of that. I just want to put some glance on it.

Human genome discoveries have started so that the world gets genetic information and the hope to revive the human genome.

The research and planning have started but the final draft plan was submitted in the year 2003, it would have taken 3 years to plan those innovations. Information technology has played a vital role in drafting the new innovations where the medical is harnessing itself with information technology again.

There was a time around 2005, where the death rate of people having heart diseases increased, and to drop that percentage the machine learning and intervention of artificial intelligence has started.

All types of cancer treatments have evolved, the medicines and treatments are modified with some changes, for better results and a study shows that around 40% of the drop has been seen in the patient because the patient which is in prometaphase has cured the disease totally.

Robotic surgeries and the involvement of robots in operations have started and people are much satisfied with the results and still more research and studies are happening to develop more in the healthcare sector.

The inventions in MRIs have been made, although it was invented in the early 1990s the modifications are made accordingly, with the help of technology doctors are engaging more in reading the brain activities and judge several kinds of impairments like depression, tumors, low oxygen levels, disabilities to perform.

The twist in the advancement of technology:[Alert period]

 Everyone has come across the situation and it is an unforgettable time of Covid-19, it seems to be the alert period for everyone in the world. Well, there are sad parts of that situation, but if we see the positive sides of the pandemic, it teaches mankind a lot.

People had learned to live without certain things and basic needs because social distancing is only the blessing approach towards coronavirus. During that time emergency healthcare providers and researchers work 24 hrs a day.

While in that condition the patients who are in need of regular care and consulting, face many problems, and those who are living in remote areas also, but the pharmacy app development companies come up with new applications and telemedicine solutions.

The world in that condition has increased the use of the internet and tries to resolve every hurdle only on online platforms. Patients with diseases like diabetes, cancer, low blood pressure, etc. need daily evaluation and consultations, with the help of telehealth applications people here started consulting online where they get to doctor’s advice 24/7.

Telehealth consulting has many advantages, doctors enrolled on the application are authenticated ones, their degree and license have been uploaded in the application itself so that if someone has doubt on the doctor’s degree, he/she can check for it.

The reports which are uploaded on the application are saved and patients can get reports done on the online platform only if they can analyze them and give recommendations and medications properly.

Current scenario of intervening technology:2023

Currently, technology is playing a crucial role in providing new inventions to the world,

The areas of development are artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, robotics, virtual reality & augmented reality.

Health wearables and sensors are used widely, whether it’s a case of stress and depression, obesity, controlling diabetes, or whether it’s a case of maintaining cancer treatments and consultation.

Heart patients vibrantly use the device to check their heart rates frequently, they also use that for daily diet control, daily exercise control, and for diabetic use it for controlling daily sugar intake and helps in maintaining it.

Medical chatbots are invented for the worst case of any online facility, if not available then medical chatbots can assist the patient with urgent primary aided things.

Suppose on the hypothetical conditions,  if the patient enters the query of a headache all of a sudden then the chatbot can assist to take disprin or to have a power nap, and also gives some recommendation to cure naturally.  It can give an herbal way of healing the headache that can tell you to eat 10 almonds.

Along with the online platform, we made the achievement in the field of nanotechnology in such a way that the nanoparticles went inside the body to find out the target area of cancer and will come back, this helps the industry to diagnose the diseases as early as possible and provide urgent care.

The foremost thing that has happened is the revolutionizing of drug development or we can say drug discovery, which helps in a way that it relates the compound easily and tracks the reactions that help us in the drug discovery.


Reading the whole article you might have imagined healthcare as a developing sector, and yes if that is the case then you are as the healthcare sector is associated with humans, and human bodies are changing continuously, the diseases evolving in the world are also growing faster. Hence innovations with the passing time are necessary and our healthcare professionals and developers work very hard to develop these technologies.

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