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Practical Steps To Improve Ranking In SERP

If you did not know before, it is important to find out where you rank on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Pages.

Can you imagine how many visitors go to the second page of SERP? No, because when you’re a visitor looking for something, you don’t bother leaving the first page and going to the second.

The same goes for other visitors as well. They only stay on the first page of the search engine. Being a marketer now, you want your website to be there to get more audience.

SERPs can be a difficult thing to do first. Google My Business ratings, internet links, and blogging might not be sufficient. The point which you would be missing might be the Domain Authority of your site.

You will already be working on digital marketing as a strategic company owner. But it all changes regularly, so the brand ought to change as well. Enhanced domain authority ensures that your content is not wasted.

We’ll cover in this blog what domain authority (DA) is and 5 things to increase your DA score and improve your ranking on SERP.

Domain Authority

The Domain Authority is a search metric developed by Moz for the authority of all Internet websites.

As Google has stopped presenting its PageRank data online, one industry benchmark for demonstrating SERP ranking ability on platforms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo is Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is calculated on the 1-100 range score. A higher score means that the website has more authority, and usually any site (or domain) has a greater chance of ranking, while a small score means that the site would have to work more to grade well with the same content.

Google does not use the Domain Authority Metric. However, DA considers a wide range of factors, including those of the same Google variables but on a more simplified scale.

It is determined primarily by calculating the total number of backlinks and connecting root domains to a single score.

It will give anyone who looks at this measure an indication of the website’s performance on search engines. Domain authority of more than 60 is generally considered outstanding.

Domain Authority

Checking DA Score

Why do you have to check your Domain Authority score daily, or why does it need to be checked so often?

Using a particular measure like Moz’s DA, a benchmark can determine how far or forward their websites are from their competitors.

Knowing what this would indicate how long it could take and how much work is required to start competing in search engines for traffic with your rivals.

Usually, a higher DA leads to higher search rankings and thus greater popularity in search engines.

So you must thoroughly check your Domain Authority score using an online DA checker to be updated and aware of your site’s credibility.

All you have to do is enter the domain in the DA checker tool for domain authority score checking and click on check authority.

You can figure out your website’s DA scores from 1 to 100 and can also export your results for further sorting.

Checking DA Score

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Steps to improve SERP ranking

Increase Dwell time

When a user visits your website and clicks to close your website, and returns to the search engine page, it’s known as bounce-back.

And the time that a visitor takes for the bounce-back is called the dwell time. It would raise your website’s domain authority if you increase the dwell time, or you can keep users on the page longer.

Dwell time is significant because it reflects the cumulative amount of time a website user spends before returning to the search engine results.

Dwell time is an SEO metric that measures session duration, user engagement, and CTR. The more time a user spends reading a page on your website, the higher the Domain Authority and the SERP ranking will be.

To increase dwell time, you must follow these steps:

  • Write 1500+ words of engaging blog posts.
  • Include infographic images and videos that are relevant to the content. Create internal links using keywords.
  • Ensure the external links are opened in a new tab
  • Show all similar posts on your website under each blog post.

If a company website works on increasing the dwell time and reducing the bounce rate, it will achieve a higher domain authority and a lead over its competitors.

Create SEO Friendly Content

Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO, is a process through which the value of keywords can be understood.

To increase your DA score, you must create an SEO-friendly website and become familiar with the new SEO era.

The following are some of the steps that you can take to proceed with this phase and to produce an SEO friendly article:

Appropriate Keywords

You may have just won half the competition when you know how to use the right keywords in your content. The best selection of keywords isn’t the only way to do it. You must also know how much time you must use these words and which of them is more important.

Mobile-friendly Content

Mobile-optimized content attracts Android and iOS users. The smooth and quick access provided by desktop or laptop is missing in some websites’ mobile versions. Therefore, the Domain Authority also considers that a website functions easily on all Android and iOS platforms.

Internal Links

Providing good internal links to other informative blogs on your site enhances a considerable margin of domain authority rating. When a user is redirected to your other pages after clicking the link, it is considered a plus point by the Domain Authority.

Loading speed

Loading speed represents how long a website takes to load on your PC or cell phone. The loading speed is also one of the parameters that determine a site’s domain authority. The Domain Authority score can also be influenced by increasing the loading speed by using simplified designs or better resources.

Be Creative and Smarter

As external links to other websites increase Domain Authority, people frequently link to several websites, even if not relevant. But search engines like Google could observe this trick and will not raise their SERP ranking because of that. Instead, research and find reputable and relevant websites and pages.

Start with a list of websites that welcome guest posts and infographic content in your niche. Check it out so that it has decent traffic and does not lead to spam pages. If they are trustworthy, then pitch them for a guest post so you can link back and forth accordingly.

Create a properly crafted and informative post that targets your keywords and hyperlinks to the URL of your blog. Please do not continue to link the exact words, be creative in linking similar keywords and link them back to your website.

Improve On-site SEO

In on-site or on-page SEO, the web page and content are optimized to improve user experience and your search engine visibility. Both search engines and the audience can get a more precise grasp of what your content is by optimizing on-page SEO. The ultimate objective is to optimize your page worthy of SERP ranking.

You need to focus on your on-site SEO if you want to boost your domain authority. User involvement is one means of enhancing on-page SEO. How appealing is the content on your site? This shows you how you need to improve your website.

The title tags and Meta descriptions are facets of on-site SEO. They allow search engines and readers to find what they want. If the Meta descriptions and title tags of your pages appear in the SERPS, people click on the listings for your blog. If your Meta descriptions and title tags are related to the search keywords, Google will rank your website for those keywords.

Remove Toxic Backlinks

Toxic backlinks are the links you get from scam websites like linking systems, gaming websites, payday loan websites, etc. Such harmful links can destroy your search engine ranking. If Google finds a number of toxic links back to your website, your DA will be reduced.

You must identify and delete toxic links after you notice an abrupt decline in traffic and get a warning message from Google. It would help if you did not link to pages with lower DA rankings, which are not indexed on Google, or have several doubtful backlinks.

Contact the website owners directly, or use the Google disclaimer feature to delete them. You will have to ask for a review after you delete the toxic links after you have got a warning from Google. To check if the issue has been fixed, Google will review the website. If so, Google’s going to restore your place.

Wrapping Up

Your DA score shows that your website performs well. These pages draw more backlinks to the websites, are higher in ranking pages, winning more top Google positions, and earning more income. A large portion of the prizes is given to optimized domains.

The necessary steps required to do so are pretty simple. Concentrate on SEO, and look at how Google interacts with your content. Next, customize your website with mobile devices as well.

Create incredible, engaging, informative content and upload it. Finally, remove toxic backlinks and strive to develop the website continuously.

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