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7 Perfect Tips To Create A Winning IGTV Strategy On Instagram

Even though IGTV was started a few years ago, the platform IGTV became more popular and needed one for every brand to connect with their target audience. It has no limitations that the other social media networks have for more extended video content.

You could make long-term video content using IGTV that is helpful for your target audience. But here, you want a strong Instagram TV strategy before you begin uploading IGTV video content.

You can’t enter into the strategy and learn from more mistakes on social media marketing. However, users on social media have a lesser amount of time to stay focused on a particular thing. 

Do you want to know how to bring a winning strategy on IGTV? The following 7 Perfect Tips To Create A Winning IGTV Strategy On Instagram help you a lot to start with:

Ask Your Target Audience For Content Preferences

Content ideas are the major thing you want for the IGTV winning strategy. The topics you upload about and the content type you make is a crucial factor.

You could use Instagram TV for various purposes, from making engaging & fun video content to conducting interviews. Still, you are confused about what content type you need to upload on IGTV, then simply ask your target audience itself.

Before asking your audience, you want to shortlist some options first. Then, bring a poll using the stickers option on Instagram and post it on the story section to get your target audience willing to watch.

At the beginning stage of the process, you could even upload the open-ended question to your target audience for ideas. It is a great point to begin. Finally, you are making great content for your target audience, so involving them in creating IGTV content brings a good strategy.

Use Vertical Video Contents For IGTV

Video contents could be filmed in landscape or portrait orientation. When most video content editors use landscape orientation, it is best to use vertical video content for Instagram IGTV because it is easy to get on mobile phones.

Most people lock their device screen rotation settings and won’t make any effort to rotate their device screens to get your video content. Also, they simply swipe to the following video content.

Bring everything easy for you and your IGTV target audience; it is perfect for moving with vertical type video content. If you could film vertical-type video content directly, then it saves your valuable effort and time. If not, you could convert your horizontal type video contents into vertical type video contents using various free online tools.

Add Subtitles Every Time

According to the search, most of the audience watches the video content on the platform without the sound. It’s an actual fact.

That’s why you want to add subtitles for every IGTV video. Pop-up texts and subtitles would be your IGTV strategies non-negotiable part if they are not already.

Providing texts to the video contents helps every audience grab things quickly when the video plays with the sound-off option. Also, it is very useful for the deaf peoples and subtitles helps them understand the contents easily.

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Select An Innovative Cover Photo

The cover photo is the first thing when someone gets your Instagram’s IGTV feed. It’s the perfect way to grab your audience’s first impression, attention and encourage them to get your video content.

It has a single photo, mostly an image from your video content, and your video’s title in the text form.

Choosing the image for your IGTV video’s cover photo is very crucial. It should represent your video content and be clear. Don’t bring your cover photo a blurry one. And also, if you have many perfect images, select the best one that shades your IGTV video content.

Promote Your IGTV Videos On Instagram

Many people might not get your content even if you uploaded a great video. You should take extra efforts to reach your IGTV video content. So, what’s the best way to spread your IGTV video content?

Post some teasers on your main feed about your upcoming IGTV video content; this way, your fans get to know that you have done IGTV content.

The platform provides a great option while uploading IGTV video content that is the best option to upload your content on the main feed too. It’s a simple way to do that. Also, you could share your IGTV content to your story section on Instagram to gain the most audience attention. Outreach your friend circle and ask them to share it to the story feeds so that you might get more people and views of your content.

Many IGTV contents receive more Instagram TV likes instantly in a day from posting, so you need to make sure that everyone gets them quickly after you upload them. For example, you can buzz about your posting content on your story spot or through the Instagram live option.

Bring Related Hashtags

Hashtags are the most effective tactic on social media. It is more essential to attain a vast audience for your IGTV video content because it helps get a targeted audience interested in your content or brand. 

Many social networks allow their users to follow any hashtags for their interest. Your video content is visible to every audience who follows that particular hashtag when adding a hashtag to your videos.

You could use many online free tools to find the best hashtag for your video content and pick the right one for your Instagram TV videos.

Begin An IGTV Series On Instagram

Beginning a standard IGTV video content series is the perfect way to start your IGTV strategy. Whatever it may be, like a series of video contents around a specific topic, a guest interview shows every week, or anything you upload perfectly at scheduled intervals.

It brings your audience to expect your video content to advance. The series on IGTV is similar to the standard series on Television. It provides the audience to wait for the next episode.

This series-type video content receives more IGTV views than expected, as many know the episode launching time.


Now, you have grabbed many valuable points to start your IGTV strategy on Instagram. Use these valuable tips to bring your winning strategy on IGTV and attract a larger audience.  We are hoping that now you know 7 Perfect Tips To Create A Winning IGTV Strategy On Instagram. 

Don’t wait for the good things. Start right now and acquire good results on your IGTV objectives.

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