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6 Innovative TikTok Marketing Ideas For Startups To Attain Success

TikTok, over a couple of years, became the world’s favorite social media site. The growth of TikTok surprised with more than 2 billion downloads and over 856 million monthly active users globally. So far, TikTok is the only non-gaming app that became more popular in a short period.

Are you still worried about your brand growth? Take away the exclamation and kickstart your business towards success using the TikTok application. Since TikTok gives a higher engagement, it becomes an effective digital medium for brands to implement the right marketing strategy. Now TikTok grew up as an addictive content source for millions of brands with shorter videos.

The exciting part of TikTok is, the platform contains young audiences, more than half of the active users. When a successful clip stream on your TikTok account, the popularity for business knocks on your doorstep. Have the right marketing strategy that fits your brand and becomes famous. Here are some exciting ideas to feature your business on TikTok.

#1. Clarify Your Marketing Goals

When you plan to use TikTok for business, the first strategy that routes for success is to fix the right goal. The content you prepare for posting should have a purpose and must outreach your brand’s voice. First, visit your brand website and get an idea for attaining success by providing a framework for your content style. Then, keeping the framework of success, set the perfect goal to take your business to the next level.

The most common objectives of many brands on TikTok are:

  • Build brand awareness with excellent content
  • Increase audience engagement to get loyal relationship
  • Expand the sales conversion by generating quality leads
  • Optimizing the brand by enlarging the follower’s growth
  • Drives traffic to their website by providing the link

Like Instagram, you can take TikTok as the marketing medium to increase the revenue for the brand. Fix the perfect goal fit for your brand and measure the ROI with great content leaving on your TikTok account.

#2. Eye-Catching Business Profile

The key to success on TikTok is filling out your profile and making it compelling to others. Most brands fail to update their complete profile, which may result in losing loyal audiences. The four important parts to be mandatory on your profile are:

  • Profile Picture: Maintain a consistent picture on all social media to gain recognition from different audiences. It is better to have your brand logo as the profile picture to gain popularity.
  • Username: A catchy, attractive, and easily memorable username is essential to stick your visitors on your profile. When you use your brand name in this section, it builds awareness and develops your business to a large extent.
  • Bio Information: Like Instagram, TikTok also limits writing about you and your purpose on TikTok. Yes! Complete a compelling bio just with 100 characters. Tell the intention of your brand on TikTok with personal information for contacting you.
  • Add Link: TikTok provides only a few places to add a clickable link, and one among them is on your profile page. It is the decision-making place for visitors to convert as your followers. Give the exact landing page to build trust and increase traffic for your product.

#3. Look Behind-The-Scenes

Show the reasons and places behind your successful product. Behind-the-scenes videos build more followers on TikTok with your authentic action and create a strong trust. The magic begins to happen when they see your working environment more than a usual one. Transparency is an effective way to lead an emotional connection with your audiences. Invite your customer to visit your video to know what happens to run your business successfully.

The best part of the behind-the-scenes video is before the launch of your new product, showing the entertaining actions in making a new product, just like the blue press videos. It creates curiosity among audiences to see the outcome of your new product. Make your audiences as your business family by bringing actual content happening behind your video content. Do you know What are more important TikTok Likes or Followers?

#4. Make An Amazing Tutorial Videos

A fascinating strategy on TikTok marketing strategy is preparing a tutorial video delivering the features of your product. Businesses need to acquire the authority space by providing valuable tips to audiences. Both the product and service-based businesses can make use of TikTok by making tutorial videos. Offer the audience relevant tricks and tips to your brand and bring familiarity with your brave move.

For instance, if you belong to any cosmetic company, showcase your product by making a beauty tips video that builds potential audiences for your brand. Tutorial videos give value to your brand and can win the hearts of audiences with your helpful information. Since TikTok users wait for valuable information, be the first to prepare how-to-do videos for gaining popularity.

#5. Stick With The Right Hashtag

If you want your target audiences to discover your content:

  1. Incorporate the right hashtags on each video to gain popularity.
  2. Increase the credibility of your effort by finding and using the adaptive hashtag fit for your content.
  3. Think of what type of hashtag can amplify your follower’s count, which hashtags your target audiences will click, or know the currently trending hashtags to relate to your content.

Whenever you leave a post on TikTok, ensure that it contains five to six relevant hashtags on your caption to improve your visibility to global audiences. A perfect hashtag suitable for your content grabs millions of audiences to your brand if it looks attractive and trending. Find the relevant one by typing your keyword on the Discover tab and choosing the best to increase audience engagement.

#6. Curate Audiences With UGC Content

Though preparing your own videos to promote your product by increasing brand awareness on TikTok, the customer’s content builds a strong trust among other audiences. Yes! Come up with user-generated content to get authenticity for your brand. Your brand will have some potential customers first and approach them directly to make a video giving positive feedback about the usage of your product.

Usually, people on social media believe in references rather than your own content. So, the user-generated content remains the best to increase the conversions and helps to step forward in terms of ROI. Keep on maintaining a loyal community for your brand to give an excellent start to increase sales with UGC content. Repost it on your page by tagging them, which may encourage other users to provide feedback. When the UGC content increases, the brand promotion goes higher!

Wrapping Up:

Get your brand discovered by global audiences by using TikTok in the right way. Show off your creative part in your content and attract your target audiences. When your TikTok content looks interesting, filled with fun, your brand gets a higher engagement rate. The fantastic tips mentioned above give you the right path to shine on TikTok.

Gain the popularity of your brand by implementing your creative skill and become a star brand on TikTok! All the best for your brand promotion!

Author Bio:

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer working at Bauxite. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoys the opportunity to work with social media influencers. Start following her on Twitter.com.

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