what to expect with breast reduction

What To Expect With A Breast Reduction

Life is starting to look normal again and people are wanting to feel good about themselves. Whether that’s exercising to lose weight, going to the sunbeds for a glowing tan or even something a little more surgical. More women are now looking at reducing their breast size, rather than enlarging them which has been a growing trend in 2022 and is not stopping in 2023.

With working from home, not everyone has been lucky enough to have the right chairs for their posture, and if you have large breasts, this could potentially be giving you back problems which you are more than likely to be getting sick of. In this article, we will be going through all you need to know about having a breast reduction manchester based, or anywhere else in the world. All the information you are going to receive will be correct no matter where you are getting your reduction mammaplasty.

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

A breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery that reduces the size, weight, and sometimes shape of heavy breasts. This helps to create a better breast contour that is not too heavy and is aligned with the patient’s body. The surgery removes excess breast tissue and fat as well as reducing sagging and stretched skin. The surgeon can do more than make breasts lighter and smaller, and improve the shape and reduce sagging.

Why Should I Get A Breast Reduction?

Many patients choose to have their breasts remove physical symptoms which include back, neck, shoulder, and shoulder groove pain. Amongst these physical symptoms, other problems can occur such as skin irritation, rashes, nerve pain, skin infections, an inability to exercise, and can dramatically reduce your self-esteem. Having a breast reduction has a great number of benefits, some you will be able to feel instantly but others you will notice in time.


  • Bras will fit comfortably!
  • Breasts will be lifted and firmer
  • Swimsuits, sports bras, and form-fitting clothes will not be a chore to squeeze into anymore which will help to boost your confidence and maneuverability.
  • If your nipples are large and or have stretched areolas can be reduced in surgery which means you can be more comfortable out of clothes.
  • The overall silhouette of your body will be more symmetrical and attractive

What Are The Risks Of Having A Breast Reduction

Having a breast reduction is an extremely popular surgical treatment so it isn’t likely that the procedure will go wrong. Although this is a safe procedure, it is best to know that there are some risks involved with a breast reduction.


  • There will be a decrease or loss of sensation in the nipples or breasts.
  • One breast or nipple may be larger or smaller than the other.
  • You may have issues with breastfeeding.
  • Allergic reactions may occur from the anesthesia or surgical tape.
  • Long recovery time.

Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon

When choosing to have a breast reduction, it is extremely important to have the best surgeon you can afford. The best is not always the most expensive, so you should spend some time finding out who is best for you by meeting up with more than one consultation. Many surgeons will act as if the treatment is just for correcting physical symptoms, but most women don’t just want to alleviate their physical symptoms, they want a better-looking breast with which they can be confident.

When meeting up with your line of specifically researched surgeons, it is vital to ask them the right questions like how frequently they do breast reduction procedures, ask to see before and after photos from their patients. This can be beneficial to you by looking at their images and identifying breasts that look like yours and then you can have an idea of how they will look after.

What Are The Breast Reduction Options

Several surgical techniques can be used when reducing the breast size pending on the patient’s breasts, the technique used and the amount of tissue to be removed and the outcome the patients are wanting.

Breast Reduction Options

Liposuction For Breast Reduction

There are some occasions when liposuction alone can be used to reduce breasts. Liposuction for breast reductions is much shorter, near-invisible scarring, and produces lasting results. This will only be beneficial for some patients and will only provide excellent results on those few. Best candidates include patients who need a slight or semi-extensive reduction. Have great skin elasticity and have very little sagging to correct. Women who also have large breasts from excess weight can also use this method too.

If your breasts have some sagging, odd-shaped breasts, stretched skin, or need a more extensive procedure to remove more tissue then the following options will be best for you.

Vertical or “Lollipop” Breast Reduction

If you are a woman who needs a moderate breast reduction and has more noticeable sagging, then you would best be suited for a vertical breast reduction. It includes two incisions, one is around the edge of the areola, and the second incision going down the areola to the crease beneath the breast. The shape of the incision allows the surgeon to remove excess fat, skin, and tissue. This allows the surgeon to reshape the smaller breast internally and also lift the breast to look more perky and youthful.

Even though lollipop breast reductions show some scarring, it is only visible below the nipple which can easily be hidden by a bra or bikini.

Inverted T or Anchor Breast Reduction

The anchor breast reduction gets its name due to the shape of the three incisions: one around the edge of the areola, the second vertically down to the crease, and then finally a third will be made along the crease under the breast. A surgeon will use this method if the patient needs a more extensive breast size reduction or has excess sagging due to the incisions allowing more tissue removal and reshaping.

The scars are similar to a lollipop breast reduction with the added light scarring from under the crease. The scars will fade over time but for them to become near-invisible it will take a couple of years.

What Does A Breast Reduction Procedure Include?

Breast reduction surgery is different for every patient as it depends on what they are after, how large the patient’s breasts are and whether they have already had work done before. The procedure is classed as an outpatient procedure meaning that you will be using general anesthesia which will sedate you.

Once you are out, the surgeon will then make the incisions that are needed from one of the above options and then the excess breast tissue, fat, and skin. They will also move the nipple and areola to a better position. Once complete, the remaining skin and tissue will be reshaped and closed.

What Is The Breast Reduction Recovery Like?

Day One Of Recovery

You will be glad to know that the day of your breast reduction surgery will also be the first day of your recovery which you will usually be kept in for around two hours after the procedure before getting sent home. If you have any pain or nausea, then you need to tell the surgeon or nurses so they can make you as comfortable as possible.

Once you are up and can concentrate, you will be given home instructions to know what to do and expect when you are at home. This will include how to care for your incisions, what you can and can’t do in terms of activity, and also information regarding your medication.

Once this has all been sorted, then you will be discharged into the care of your responsible other. You will have bandages covering the incisions and more than likely be wearing a post-op bra which is key to having your breasts look their best and last, this must be worn 24 hours a day apart from when showering.

First Week Of Recovery

This is the week that counts the most so you should take time off work for at least a week but two weeks are recommended. This week you should drink as much water and only eat healthy foods as you can as this is crucial for healing. Avoiding strenuous activity is also another thing that is crucial as this will cause the incisions to open. You need to follow your medication schedule and also call if you are uncomfortable.

First Month Of Recovery

The first month of recovery is always the worst as there are a lot of changes happening in the body in several ways. The incisions will heal, but it is unadvisable that you wear a wired bra for a couple of months as it can chafe and damage the scar lining. The good part is you will start to feel more of yourself and have more energy with less pain to the neck and shoulders due to the breast sizes being reduced.

You will notice that you will have much more freedom to move the further you are through recovery. This doesn’t mean that you can run a mile, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Start slowly and ease yourself through the recovery, you will soon, sure enough, be back to your normal happy self. Towards the end of the month, you can go back to work, drive for yourself, and care for yourself.

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