Top Independent Fashion & Beauty Brands To Buy

Top Independent Fashion & Beauty Brands To Buy

Women’s fashion is thriving, thanks to independent fashion brands. Many people started their fashion brands during the lockdown just for something to do. However, there have been many that have continued to be extremely popular. So, let’s introduce you to a few of these fashion & beauty brands to buy so you can find your new independent favourites!

Olivia Annabelle 

Olivia Annabelle, founded by a fashion designer from Manchester called Olivia Welsh, runs her fashion brand with Hattie Matthews. The world is facing issues regarding global warming which is what Olivia’s brand is trying to combat.

Olivia and Hattie aim to produce beautiful fashion & beauty brands that are more sustainable and uses eco-friendly fabrics. One of the best parts about this brand is that they avoid fast-fashion trends and design clothing that looks great and lasts for much longer in your wardrobe. The collections of Olivia Annabelle are unique as well, as they design unique prints and flattering feminine silhouettes. This is such a beautiful and timeless brand that you will wear and enjoy for years. 

Studio B

Studio B is not an independent brand however, they sell clothing and jewellery from independent fashion brands. Bethany Rowntree is the founder of this brand and her priority is to sell new independent and niche brands on her site. 

Bethany works with numerous European and small British brands and on the Studio B website, you will discover items that sell for quite a high price. However, you can be confident that they will be excellent garments and jewellery pieces so it is worth the investment! 


Knitwear can sometimes be bland but HADED is one of many brands that are keeping knitwear up to date and interesting. They have a small team of four specialising in crafting 90% of their clothing products. HADED knitwear has a wide range of sizes from extra small to extra large and each piece is highly durable as well, so you know you are getting good quality. Their collections are only produced in a small number as it helps reduce the amount of waste. 

Cassie Holland, the founder of HADES, says there are too many fashion & beauty brands that aim to produce commercial collections without prioritising the creativity and quality of their clothing. Despite only being founded back in 2016, the brand has become incredibly popular since its launch and respected for the natural fibres that they use. 

KCHossack Pottery

Stepping away from the fashion industry, KCHossac is a pottery and tableware brand that makes the perfect gift for someone who is just moving house. This wonderful pottery brand is handmade in a studio in London. Often plain white tableware is too simple and minimalistic for many people’s taste. However, KCHossack pottery steps away from the primary colours of pottery and goes for pastel colours instead, bringing a different taste to the world of pottery. For a unique gift, this one is definitely worth looking into. 

Nude Ethics

Nude Ethics is another sustainable and independent brand that stocks organic tees and paintings, as well as stocking some products from other independent clothing and jewellery brands. Bailey says her brand focuses on “ethically crafted pieces” from people who want to make a difference and each piece is exceptionally beautiful. 

Bill Skinner

Bill Skinner is a slightly different brand compared to those discussed already. They specialise in affordable jewellery that is in a fanciful style. Furthermore, their unique style sticks out amongst the typical jewellery brands that you often see today. Each piece is incredibly intricate and beautiful and you will find something completely unique!

Meringue Girls

If you’re looking for a gift or to treat yourself (which we should all do), Meringue Girls is an independent business that sells chocolate treats in gift boxes. Additionally, they also sell kits where you can create your own meringues. This is such a gorgeous business that will help to put a smile on anyone’s face, so is definitely worth checking out. 

Foolish Clothing

If you’re looking for something a bit more premium, then Foolish clothing is a wonderful choice. With a focus on sustainability and quality, when you purchase a piece, you know it will be in your wardrobe for years. You also know that you will be avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and poor quality materials, as everything is done to the best possible standard. Although this luxury clothing comes with a price tag, you know it will be worth it. 

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To Conclude

Many small businesses in the UK produce beautifully crafted and organic garments. The best part about these fashion & beauty brands in the small team that they have working behind them. Some of these brands have many items that will be the perfect gift, varying at different prices and with something for everyone. Next time you are treating yourself or buying a gift, shop local!

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