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What Are The Different Types Of Pendants?

Are you thinking of upgrading your jewellery? Check out the trending pendants for the year 2024.

A pendant can do wonders for your appearance. It spices up your entire look for the day. It can be just a piece of metal or hold some gemstone to it. You can have it in your necklace, bracelets, earrings, or other jewellery pieces.

There are a variety of pendants out there. You just need to choose the right one to go with your style. we mentioned below 10 Different Types Of Pendants

Bracelet Pendants

If you are not into necklaces or chains, a bracelet pendant is a great option for you. A bracelet can add that little extra to your look. These are available in a variety of metals, colours, styles, and sizes.

You can add pendants (also known as charms) to your bracelet. Most people add charms that are meaningful to them in some or another way. These pendants look stylish and grab everyone’s attention. A bracelet pendant is an ideal gift option for kids too.

You can customize these charms according to your preferences. Buy the latest trend pendants and rock with any outfit.

Pearl Pendants

Pearls are the first choice for any woman any day. It’s just a classic piece of jewellery. The pearl pendants are symbols of purity and elegance. These gel well with both traditional and modern outfits. You can wear these pendants with any silver or gold chain. These timeless gems never go out of fashion.

Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian are some of the best quality pearls. These are available in white, black, lavender, and multiple colours.

You can gift these precious gems to your lovely ladies on birthdays or anniversaries. No woman can deny her love for pearls.

Casual Pendants

Be it a dinner date or some random house party; Casual pendants can make you stand out in the crowd. These pendants are stylish, and affordable, and add fun to your personality. Casual pendants are available in a variety of designs, colours, and metals. You can choose motifs, bows, flowers, or any patterns to team up with your outfit.

These pendants are getting popular among Gen-Z and millennials. So check out some of these you’ll surely love them.

Gemstone Pendants

What Are The Different Types Of Pendants?-www.justlittlethings.co.uk

Gems have been a part of royal families for centuries. These symbolize power, wealth, and status. Gemstone pendants add glamour to your personality effortlessly. Every gemstone pendant has a meaning assigned to it. Some people wear gemstone pendants concerning their zodiac signs or birth dates.

These lustrous stones are eye-catching and surely turn heads around. The sparkling rubies, emerald, and sapphire are just an example. A variety of gemstones are available in numerous colours and sizes. Gemstone pendants are the best option to upgrade your assets.

Family Crest Engraved Pendants

Family crest pendants originated back in the Middle Ages prominently in European countries. These symbols were used to differentiate one’s family identity.

The family crest engraved pendants represent a family legacy. The symbol engraved on the pendant has some meaningful history attached to it.

These pendants are much in trend now. You can buy them online or customize them according to your preferences. One with the initials on it is much in demand.

The family crest pendants keep you rooted with your ancestors. These pendants are just not a symbol of glory they are more of a love and gratitude towards your ancestors.

Statement Pendants

As the name suggests, statement pendants make a person express themselves through their jewellery. The statement pendants show their taste in fashion and styling. These pendants are the ideal ones to create your signature look.

Statement pendants are the most popular among the youngsters. These are available in modern designs. Change your look every day with these quirkily designed pendants.

You can gel them with your casual or corporate outfits too. Choose your pendants wisely that suit your style.

Locket Pendants

Locket pendants came into existence in the 16th century. These lockets were not just accessories but more of a keepsake for the people. Some kept photos of their loved ones inside them. These lockets were also considered good luck charms against evil.

Well, the locket pendants are back in trend now. These are available in oval, round, heart, square, and new trendy shapes. The heart-shaped lockets are the most popular among them. A lot of websites customize these locket pendants according to the client’s needs and specifications.

These pendants are ideal gifts for Valentine’s day and anniversaries. Get one for your love and let this masterpiece treasure your memories forever.

Hamsa Pendants

 You must have seen the Hand design pendant very often. These pendants are known as Hamsa pendants or the “Hand of the god”. Hamsa pendant has gained striking popularity lately. These pendants are considered as the symbol of protection against the evil eye. This talisman has different meanings in different cultures.

Hamsa pendants are more than any symbol now. These are available in various designs in different metals, colors, with stones. Gen-Z finds it stylish and trendy.  So, if you are looking for something meaningful yet traditional, you must go for Hamsa pendants.

Cross Pendants

Pendants are the perfect idea to display one’s faith. Cross pendants for example are one of the most popular faith symbols around the world. Your jewellery collection is incomplete without having one of these. A lot of variations are available in the cross pendants now. Be it a braided metal, one with a diamond,  or small cross pendants, all of these just look fabulous. These subtle and timeless jewel pieces are a must-have.

Heart Pendants

The heart shape is considered a universal symbol of love. The heart pendants express your feelings towards your loved ones without saying it. These pendants are popular among young couples. These love pendants come in various styles and designs.

Be it a metal or a diamond heart pendant it just looks perfect when you get it from your loved one. Surprise your mother with this beautiful heart-shaped locket pendant this Mother’s Day.

Note Before you leave:

Not everything that you like blends with your sense of style and appearance. Make sure the pendant you buy adds up to your personality. Check out what suits you best and you are ready to dazzle!

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