How to play Pubg in India after Ban

Which VPN Is Best To Play PUBG In India?

The ban on PUBG is a big surprise for everyone in India, and even after the ban on it lots of youngsters and Esports players want to play PUBG in India because it was the most popular and one of the best mobile graphic games ever and that’s why it also has lots of fame in India. In this article, telling you about How To Run PUBG In India After Ban?

Here are lots of ways you can still play PUBG easily in India and the most trustable and usable way is by using a VPN(a virtual private network). VPN is also used for many purposes like it protects you from FileRepMalware.  You can use any VPN to run PUBG in India now because its only ban in India not in all the countries so can log in in any VPN and just connect to it as another country and now you can play PUBG easily, but wait it is another option you also get here and it is PUBG MOBILE KR version but it is also in rumors that because of the whole server this version is also banned in India. Here I am describing the list of Which VPN Is Best To Play PUBG In India?

List of VPN you can use these VPN’s for PUBG

  • ExpressVPN: The best option for most people.
  • NordVPN: Well-known and affordable.
  • Surfshark: The cheapest option.
  • Private Internet Access: Based in the United States.
  • TunnelBear: Simple and privacy-focused.
  • Hotspot Shield: Free plan available.
  • ProtonVPN: Security-focused company.
  •  IPVanish: Reliable US-based veteran still doing well
  •  Surfshark: Bargain-basement yet fully-featured Android VPN

After the ban on PUBG, most people still want to play it and the best way to play PUBG now is by using a VPN (a virtual private network) by any VPN you can play PUBG but the question is which is the best VPN to play PUBG now because PUBG is the online game which needs high-speed internet to manage the game graphics and game ping, if you are not able to get high-speed internet access then you are also not able to play PUBG And if you have a connect VPN but with a medium and low-speed internet then you can only able to access the game but you can`t play it because of very high ping so it is very important to know that you need the best VPN for good speed internet.

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Here are some best and top VPN’s to play PUBG

  1. EXPRESS VPN: connect securely to 90+ countries

Instant setup and easy to use on all devices

No user logs and no IP address leaks

Try it for 30 days and then,

(MONTHLY)  949 RS. PER/Month

(6 MONTHS)  4396 RS. PER/EVERY 6 Months

(15 MONTHS) 7330 RS. For the first 15 months and 12 months thereafter

  1. CYBER GHOST: Unlimited and anonymous P2P/Torrenting

Connect securely to 80+ countries

Try it free for 45 days and then,

(MONTHLY) 189 RS. PER/Month

  1. HOTSPOT SHIELD: No IP address leaks

Unlimited and anonymous P2P/Torrenting

Try it free for 45 days and then,

(MONTHLY) 952 RS. PER/Month

(6 MONTHS)  3954 RS. PER/EVERY 6 Months

(12 MONTHS) 5268 RS.PER/EVERY 12 Months

  1. NORD VPN: No user logs and no IP address leaks

Connect securely to 75+ countries

No user logs and no IP address leaks

Try it free for 30 days and then,

(MONTHLY) 876 RS. PER/Month

(6 MONTHS)  3960 RS. PER/EVERY 6 Months

(12 MONTHS) 5052 RS.PER/EVERY 12 Months

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