Simple Step by step Guide in Building a WordPress website

Simple Step-By-Step Guide In Building A WordPress Website

Are you trying to build a WordPress Website and don’t know where to start then here we will provide you a step-by-step guide in building a WordPress website? Knowing about website building these days is very important for website owners. By knowing the website building you can have many advantages. The first thing is that you can build your website. This can save your money in hiring a website developer. You can use many techniques like a online marketing strategies.

You can be able to know what your competitor is using and what others are using and what is lacking in your website. These are many advantages that can help you in building your website. Hiring a WordPress developer for your website makes you invest in them. But if you can do your website then you can save them. There are several WordPress design agencies and WordPress agencies which can help you with your website. These are some of the agencies. You can use a content marketing strategy.

Many people think that you should know coding skills for making a WordPress website. But this is not the case. You can build your website without coding skills and you can gain a lot of information with your website. WordPress websites are the best for maintaining your business long-term. Long-term in the sense for a long time. It’s very easy to make your word press website. Just you have to buy the domain name and hosting and then you have to install them on your website. There are several digital marketing process

Step by Step Guide To Build WordPress Website

Then you have to install WordPress on your Bluehost. Bluehost is an interface that helps you in installing WordPress. Then after installing choose your WordPress theme and then use some plugins. And that’s it, start writing your blogs. Saying in this type of manner is easy. But you don’t understand easily here. You don’t know what to do next. So this type of approach is not the step-by-step approach. Now let’s see how to build a WordPress website step-by-step.

1.    Choose your website platform

Choose your website platform

Choosing a website platform is one of the most important things in the website building platform. Because of no coding skills, you have to build a website. These are known as CMS. CMS means Content Management Systems. By using these you can build your website without coding knowledge. You just have to go to your website and then you can publish your blogs. They look like a Facebook page or any other social media page.

The main idea is that you just open them and then write your content. In this way, you can use Content Management Systems for building a website. WordPress is one of the most popular website-building platforms. WordPress is an open-source platform. Open source in the sense anyone can go to their platforms and they can use the software which they are publishing. There will be no cost in an open-source platform. You can check out the Web Design Course for website designing, it will help you to get efficient knowledge.

That is why it is called open source. WordPress is the most used website for building your website.

2.    Domain name and hosting:

Domain name and hosting

The next step in building your website is choosing your domain and hosting. There are lots of providers providing the domain name and hosting names. Go and research and find out which one is the best for your website according to your budget, website structure, and many more things. Choosing a domain name is not that difficult. Even though there are a lot of websites, choose the unique name of your website.

Choose your website name on the name of your business or somewhere else. you can also choose your niche-related name for your domain name. Make sure that your domain name should be short, memorable, and easy to understand and anyone can make a guess of your domain names. The domain name should follow all these aspects. Use some websites which can help you in finding the best domain name.

you have a lot of options in choosing your domain name and hosting. Bluehost is a website where you can get your domain name and host at affordable prices. If you go to a WordPress website then it will automatically show the web domain and hosting providers. Bluehost is the one in them. It is very easy to operate and it is very good for beginner websites. Those who didn’t make a website before. We should go to the WordPress website and select your website domain name and hosting.

  1. Firstly go to the Bluehost web domain provider. Then click on the ‘CHOOSE PLAN’ button then it will display the web hosting providers with the relevant prices.
  2. Select the one which suits your budget. Then it shows you enter your domain name. enter the domain name in it.
  3. Next, it asks to provide some basic information.
  4. Then click on the ok button. before clicking check all the relevant information. Then click on the submit button.
  5. After doing this then you have to install your Bluehost on the WordPress website.

Now you have to purchase the domain in Bluehost. For installing the Bluehoston on your WordPress website then you can follow some simple steps to install. Check your mail, you may have received some message from Bluehost that you got the domain name. then click on that and then you will be redirected to the website page. you can do this to install WordPress. Otherwise, go to my sites in the Bluehost and then click on create sites button. Then Bluehost tells WordPress to install the WordPress website. Then it will do it.

3.    WordPress UI:

WordPress UI

Firstly you have to go to your website by using your domain name. then sign up or log in. It will show some of the information which you want to provide to log into your website. After login into your website, you can see various types like messages, posts, and each and everything. The welcome message is the message to welcome your website. You also can see the posts. You can see how many pages you have created. You can see the comments on your website. You can see how your website appears on your website. In this way, you can see all the details on your website. There are also so many plugins present on your website. So make sure that you give all these changes.

There are some permalinks on your WordPress. it is used for your page address through URLs. You can have your name in the permalinks. For finding permalinks go to settings and then click on permalinks. Then you can see the post links. If you want to make your website public then you should know some of the things. Go to settings and then on reading and then you can see your website as others.

For setting your website title and tagline go to settings and then click on general and then on-site titles and then tagline. Here you can see your site title and tagline. If you want to change them then you can use the change of them. You can also use a tagline. The tagline is not so very important. Use them in your way which will be the best.

The next option is to enable or disable the websites. For these comments go to settings and then click on the discussion. In this way, you can use this option to enable or disable comments. You can also use pingbacks and trackbacks. For using this then go to settings then click on the discussion. In this way, you can use pingbacks and trackbacks. Then you can set your timezone on your WordPress website. Go to settings and then click on general and then click on time zone. This time zone will affect your customers. If you select a particular time zone then your audience will be that particular time zone.

4.    Selecting a theme:

Selecting a theme

Then after installing WordPress and doing all these things you can be able to set a theme for your website. Make sure that your theme should attract the audience. Using themes in your website can help you in the growth of your business and traffic. go and research all the themes and select the best one for you. Go to appearance and then select themes and then click on add themes. Then you will be able to adjust the themes and select the one which suits your website. Then install that theme. After that click on installation. Then after installing you can make changes to your theme. Select a theme according to your budget and many others.

5.    Making Plugins:

After the website and themes, the next step is to install plugins. You can use plugins on your website for getting more traffic. There are different types of plugins available. You can install the one which you want. For installing go to plugins and then click on add new. plugins will appear there. Select the plugin which you want. Then you can add plugins to your website. Plugins are the most important ones on your website.

6.    Making Basic pages:

Making Basic pages

You can create a basic page on your website. For creating basic pages go to pages and then click on add new. Then you can see the pages and then select which one you want. There you can see the place where you can do the headline. Then you are able to see the body. There you can type the body section. You can create them in ms word and then paste them on the body section. You can switch the section.

Then by doing all the pages you are able to see the publish button. There you can publish by clicking on it. you can allow comments on the website. You can enable or disable comments in the discussion section. There you can see the about page section and the contact details, your privacy, your portfolio, and your store. You can do all these things on your basic pages. Basic pages are the way to create a blog.

7.    Blog:


After creating a website then selecting themes and then plugins and then basic pages then it’s time for your blog. Then you are able to create a blog. Make sure that you include all the above methods in your blog. You can use some of the blogging tools to make your content more attractive.

These are some of the steps which you can follow on a WordPress website. Following these step-by-step guides can help you in creating your website and making your website grow higher. Create all the steps and make your website more successful. Don’t hire a WordPress developer rather do it your way on the website.

Authors’ Bio: Rohit Jangid

Rohit serves as an SEO executive at digital transformation consulting firms, where he makes digital marketing strategies and handles all works related to SEO, SMO, and email marketing.

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