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Tips for Removing and Fitting New Number Plates In 2023

Proper maintenance of your vehicle can keep your vehicle in good condition. Once you decide to replace your number plates, you need to remove and replace them properly. New number plates can make a good impression. 

It is, therefore, essential to fit your New Reg number plates securely. If you do not fit them securely, you may have to replace the number plates in the future. 

How Can I Remove My Number Plate? 

There are two ways to fit a number plate vehicle. 

Firstly, you can use number plate adhesive pads to stick the number plate to your vehicle. 

Secondly, you can screw the number plate to the vehicle. 

You, therefore, need to figure out how your number plates have been fitted to your vehicle before you remove the number plates. 

If the number plates are screwed to your vehicle, you can use a screwdriver to remove the number plates. Make sure the screwdriver can fit the head of the screw. Use one hand to unscrew the screw. And use your other hand to hold the number plate and stop it from moving. Why? If the number plate moves, it can damage your car’s paintwork. 

If number plate adhesive pads were used to fit the number plates to your vehicle, you can leave lasting marks on your vehicle as you remove the number plates. It is difficult to remove the number plates since the adhesive pads are strong. It is, therefore, better to pull the number plate gently to test the strength of the adhesive pads. 

In some cases, it is impossible to use your hands to remove the number plate. You can, therefore, wrap a thin wire around the number plate. Then, hold both ends of the wire and pull the wire gently to slice through the adhesive pads. This can make it easy to remove the number plate. 

How to Prepare to Fit a New Number Plate? 

You can use one of the methods above to fit a new number plate to your vehicle. It is, however, more important to thoroughly clean the area before fitting a new number plate. Especially if you want to use adhesive pads to fit the new number plate. Cleaning the area ensures the adhesive will work properly. 

How Can I Remove Number Plates? 

It is easy to remove the existing number plates on your vehicle. If the number plates are screwed in, use a suitable screwdriver to loosen the number plates and remove them. If there are adhesive pads on the existing number plates, you can use your hands to pull the number plates. 

How Can I Remove Number Plate Sticky Pads? 

Grime and dirt can build up behind the number plates over time, no matter the method used to fit the number plates on the vehicle. 

If you used stick pads to fit your number plates, it can be difficult to thoroughly clean the surface. 

It is, therefore, essential to use grime remover to thoroughly clean the surface. Once you get the cleaner, apply the cleaner to the entire surface. Then, let it soak for a couple of minutes. 

The cleaner can make it easy to remove the number plate adhesive pads. Once you thoroughly clean the surface with the cleaner, you can now fit the new number plates. 

Cleaning the surface can make it easy for sticky pads to stick to the surface of the vehicle. Your number plates will, therefore, stay in place for longer. 

How to Fit Number Plates with Screws? 

If you want to use screws to fit your new number plates to your vehicle, then you will need drill holes on the number plates. It is simple to drill holes on the number plates. 

If you, however, make an error, you can ruin your number plates. It is recommended you use a 5mm drill bit. Do not drill your number plate from the front. It is better to drill them from the rear to ensure you do not tamper with the film of the number plate. 

If the holes do not line up, you may have to purchase a new set of number plates. It is, therefore, important to learn how to drill the holes properly. If you do not have the necessary tools for drilling the holes, you can ask your friend or hire an expert to drill the holes. 

How to Use Adhesive Pads to Fit Number Plates? 

The adhesive pads usually come in strips. It is, therefore, better to buy two packs of the adhesive pads since they offer the most protection. You can use all the pads on each of your number plates. 

You will place the adhesive pads vertically upright and space them evenly across the back of your number plate. 

The number plates made from acrylic do not flex too much. This is because of the strength of the acrylic. The protective tab, therefore, needs to be removed from the pads. Then, press your new number plates against the pads. If you are satisfied with the placement of your number plate, you can now forcefully press it against the pads. Along with it, you can also read about driving tips for teen drivers in 2023.

Some vehicles usually come with sticky pads. However, the stickiness of these pads may wear off over time. It is, therefore, essential to remove the old stick pads before placing your new number plates. 

You can use high-quality stick pads remover to remove the sticky pads on your vehicle. Carefully remove the sticky pads to avoid damaging your vehicle.

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