Hair Loss Problems and Solutions for Men
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Hair Loss Problems And Solutions For Men

Have you recently having hair fall? Then we are sure that you have been trying out tons of products to get that manly look. Even though there is no connection between being manly and head hair because some bald men are among the best actors in the world. But men who love their hair and when they start having hair fall, we feel for you bro! Here are Hair Loss Problems and Solutions for Men. Hope you will get a positive response.

You can look around the market but all the products will either say about going through different which can take months but there are many side effects or they will suggest you with oils, shampoos, and edible medicines. But none of these are promising.

Since women have a reputation for hitting the saloons for at least twice a month, therefore, we think that women have more hair fall but the fact is that hair problem is more common among men and that too from a very young age. 

What are the Reasons for Hair Fall Among Men?

Hair Loss Problems and Solutions for Men

There are different reasons that men start losing hair and the most common are due to their diet, stress, deficiency of minerals, pollution and weather, genetics, and even medications. But there are different ways to slow down the hair falling process or stop them from falling for good. Below, you will find different solutions for hair fall for men but note that different solutions may work differently for different people. 

  • Massages:

    This is the most relaxing and it will become your favorite type of solution. A proper head massage includes a lot of things like treating the scalp and getting a hair mask and many people have reported that their hair has stopped falling. This is also because hair strengthening oils are used in the massage.

  • Folic Acid:

    Folic acid can do wonders for you. Not only for hair but also for your health as well. Some people who have been using too much vitamin A for their skin will tend to lose hair and folic acid will become a barrier for hair.

  • Keep Sugar Under Control:

    This is advised to those people who have diabetes and they take medications to control it. These medicines will make your hair fall for sure so, it is best that you control your sugar so you have to take fewer medicines.

  • Check for Thyroid:

    The thyroid is common among men and women because if it is not treated on time, it will not only give you a hair fall but it will also make you fat and many more health issues start to appear.

  • Treat Itchy Scalp:

    There are different reasons that your scalp will become itchy and mainly the issue is an infection on the scalp. Make sure that you treat it on time before it spreads to the whole head.

  • Do Physical Activities:

    Physical activities help in balancing the hormone levels and that also reduces stress. And stress is among the major causes of men’s hair fall. It is best that you take do 30 minutes walk daily or go for a swim. But make sure that you wash your hair with a light shampoo after the swim.

  • Avoid Some Hair Styles:

    Now this is the thing that works differently for different men. Some men would put all kinds of hair gels on their head and hair creams and hair sprays and style them in different ways and their hair remains the same. But there are some guys who can lose hair by continuously styling them. It is best that you ask your barber about it and your dermatologist as well. If you use heating machines for your hair so, we have a solution for How Does Hair Heat Protectant Works?

  • Wear Padded Helmets:

    Helmets are super necessary because your life basically depends on it and we cannot say that for your hair, you must stop wearing them because what is the need for that hair when you are not in one piece. But there is a solution for that too, make sure that you buy a padded helmet and also the one that has good ventilation so that your scalp remains dry. 

  • Sweat Free Scalp:

    There are some lucky people who sweat less and there are some less fortunate ones who sweat like anything. And men usually sweat more and a scalp is a weird place where sweat would show up. The solution to this is to use mild dry shampoos that will make your scalp stay fresh for a longer period of time. There are some shampoos that make your scalp actually cool.

  • Avoid Hair Coloring:

    We get that it looks good and stylish and everyone is doing it. But if you are losing some parts of your body (hair) from this trend, then such trends are not worth it. If you really want to color them then make sure to get the best-recommended shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and whatever the stylist suggests you.

  • Laser:

    This is the kind of tech that has been around for quite a long time and it keeps on advancing and one of the most hyped and happening laser treatments is Kiierr and Illumiflow. If you want to know more about these two technologies, just read about Kiierr vs Illumiflow. But we will give you a hint, these are two caps that have small lasers in them which work when you charge them.

  • Avoid Drying and Heating:

    Our hair is sensitive and exposing them to extremely dry and hot air will damage your hair for sure. If you want to dry them instantly, then make sure that the hairdryer is at least 3 feet away from your hair and the drying mode should be at a minimum.

  • Stay Hydrated:

    you will be shocked to know that hair drinks one-quarter of our body water and if it does not get enough water, it will start to fall off. So, make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

  • Biotin:

    Biotin is vitamin H which is known for converting our consumed food into energy and hair needs a lot of it. There are diets that have biotin in them and if you cannot shop more often then you can opt for biotin supplements. But we would like to tell you that foods like nuts, eggs, sweet potatoes, oats, and onions have tons of biotin in them.

  • Stress:

    If you have been stressed due to any reason then this may be the main reason that you are losing hair. So, shake off that stress and get a head massage. 

  • Avoid Brushing in Wet Hair:

    Hair can become weak when they are wet, so, even though you have strong and thick hair, make sure that you don’t do it and it is also recommended by dermatologists and famous stylists as well. 

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