The energy and natural resources companies: growth and contribution to the economy

Whatever business you establish or for running the domestic means one always requires energy and the natural resources companies. Energy is a must to be invested for the business by the business holders, and the energy and natural resources companies like those of the energy and natural resources companies in Norway make this necessity a business opportunity and serve the clients with this requisite. Oil and the gas energy is the most accepted form of the energy sector, and people tend to opt to this the most.

Oil and gas company structures

The oil and the gas sectors represent to some extent how the chain of energy works and to understand this business to the depth one has to know the types of the companies dealing with these operations in the energy markets. The oil and the gas sectors are categorized into three broad sectors for the companies operating, and they are the upstream, midstream and the downstream.

In addition to that, there is a fourth sector that requires the equity lenders and investors who are in support of the energy project. There are several smaller components of each of the sectors mentioned above. But more often the energy and the natural gas industry is limited to the three primary subgroups mentioned above.

  • The upstream sectors are called E&P, and that is the exploration and production, and they consist of the companies who make the search of the oil and gas, drill wells and then bring the source on to the surface. There are various companies with different abilities and risk backgrounds. There is a range of the wildcatters who drill the wells with risk whereas the companies do it at a lower risk.
  • The midstream sectors are the ones that include the transportation as well as the warehousing of the oil. There are many such emerging energy and natural resources companies in Norway. These also have some processing in between. Transportation is quite a complex process. The companies make integrated efforts so that the transportation can be safely and successfully done. Travelling is done in terminals and stages, and the mode transportation is by road or using a train.
  • The downstream sectors are the one where the product is processed in a merely consumable form. The marketing of crude oil, as well as the distribution, is also done by selling the products off. Variety of products are made that can be created from the products by processing them in the appropriate ways. The products are marketed as well as distributed in various places ranging from those of the homes to those of those of the gas stations and public places. The refining, as well as the processing of the crude oil, is a quite complex process.

These are the few things that one must know about the energy and the natural resources companies. These are the basic categorization as well as the explanation of each category which one must know for sure.

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