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Creative Ways to Use Your Artificial Grass for Spring Time

Amongst the various benefits of artificial grass over a natural surface, the man-made variety can fulfil many other functions that real grass wouldn’t be able to.

The promise of the longer evenings and higher temperatures as spring approaches may inspire thoughts of making the most of your outdoor areas and artificial grass can play a part.

Not just for lawns

While replacing real grass lawns with artificial grass is probably the most common way it’s used, consider some others:

Small areas of green

In certain cases, such as with a small garden or in raised areas where it would be difficult to get at with a lawn mower, artificial grass is ideal to provide a dash of green where real grass wouldn’t be practical.

Small areas can be filled in with some artificial grass to very good effect.

Children’s play area (indoors and out)

You may have real grass and are concerned that children’s boisterous activities will wear it out in hot weather, churn it up or and get mud and grass stains on their clothing when conditions are wetter.

An area given over to children’s play made of artificial grass is the perfect answer – and it means it’ll be available straight after the rain stops on wetter days compared to real grass that has to dry out first.

What about indoors? If your home has a play area for children, then artificial grass is a great way of brightening things up and making it more interesting.

Golf putting green

If you or other family members are keen golfers, then a practice putting green made of artificial grass is a great way to help get that handicap down.

Unlike creating a real grass putting green that would take hours of work to create a true surface like a putting green on a golf course, an artificial surface would be ready to putt on as soon as it’s laid and requires no maintenance.

Artificial grass became established through providing very low maintenance, year round use sports surfaces such as various types of football pitches.

As long as a surface is true, you can get meaningful putting practice.

Balconies and hard surfaces

Instead of concrete or paving slabs, why not surface a balcony or hard outdoor space with artificial grass? It makes for an eye-catching area and makes things a bit more pleasant for taking a drink outside or maybe some sunbathing.

Area for pets

Real grass has several drawbacks when it comes to usage by pets.

When it’s wet then dogs can bring muck and dampness into the home via their muddy paws and wet coats.

Artificial grass removes this problem; even after a rain shower the grass will drain quickly (assuming it’s been properly fitted) and your pet dog can go on the surface without getting wet and muddy.

Their urine drains straight through, so it doesn’t settle on a hard surface or create a bare patch as it might on real grass during hotter conditions.

Pool surround

If you have a swimming pool, then surrounding it with artificial grass is a great way of making it look a bit different to the norm and provide a more naturalistic looking area.

It’s also easier on bare feet than hot and cold – depending on the weather – concrete or paving slabs.

Outdoor furniture

Either to create something novel or to give old and tired garden furniture a new lease of life, covering it with artificial grass is worth considering.

Chairs, benches and tables can all benefit from the treatment.

Endless possibilities

Artificial grass has been used in a variety of situations along with its common use of replacing the humble lawn. Believe it or not but handbags, jewellery and even nail varnish and mobile phone covers have been made from fake grass not to mention some commercial signage such as pubs.


Some other ways artificial grass can be used aside from the popular replacing of a real lawn with fake grass; options include grass covered furniture and play areas.

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