House Price Trends In Bradford
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House Price Trends In Bradford

In this age of global connectivity and instant communication, it is hard to imagine that an average city such as Bradford in the UK could have so much to offer. With a population of just over 500,000 people, Bradford is a relatively small place indeed.

And yet, despite its size, Bradford has managed to carve out an identity of its own—one that combines a strong sense of community with a vibrant arts scene and an active political life.

With so many unique things to do in Bradford, why not take advantage of some of the cheap housing available in this small city? If you’re looking for affordable places to live in Bradford, close enough to work but far enough away from London or Manchester’s busy streets and congested roads, then here are the house price trends in Bradford to expect.

Current House Prices In Bradford

Bradford is a city known for its staunchly working-class residents, but those who can afford to move here are also some of the most affluent in England. According to the latest figures, Bradford’s average house price is £204,203—more than many other smaller English cities.

Bradford’s homes are large and well-maintained, making them easy to sell when ready to move on. The city has a strong economy with successful businesses like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, and John Lewis, all headquartered there.

Most people who live in Bradford own their homes outright rather than renting them out through an agent or letting company. This gives them more freedom over their property and means they don’t have to pay as much monthly rent. Also, learn 6 important things to consider before Renting Warehouse Space that will help you to choose the best house.

The average price of homes in Bradford is £136,562 for a two-bedroom property and £208,355 for a three-bedroom home. To put that into perspective, this means that the average house price in Bradford is £96,251 for one-bedroom properties, £310,585 for four-bedroom houses (and even more if you’re looking at something bigger), and £390,585 if you want to live in something with five bedrooms.

But wait—there’s more! The median value of all properties across Bradford is £174,995, according to the latest figures in 2024. Half of all properties will cost less than this amount (just under £174,995 million), while the other half will cost more.

House Price Trends In Bradford

Bradford, a city in West Yorkshire, has been experiencing tremendous growth in house prices.

According to research by the bank Halifax, the city is among the hottest locations where prices increase. In 2024 alone, the prices rose by 15.8%. And the prices are expected to keep growing for the next few years.

The main cause for this surge is that Bradford is an urban area with good infrastructure and amenities. It has many schools, colleges, and universities, as well as many parks and green spaces that can be used for recreation or as a space to relax after a long day at work.

It also has a great transport system which includes buses and trains connecting it with London every hour during peak hours.

The cost of living here is also low compared to other cities such as Manchester or Leeds, where renting an apartment can be expensive due to the high demand for accommodation on the job opportunities available there.

Should You Buy A House In Bradford?

If you’re looking to buy a house, Bradford is the place to be.

Bradford is one of the hottest markets in the country and for a good reason. With prices on the rise and an improving economy, it’s clear that this city is moving forward with strength and momentum.

However, with an increase in demand and new developments coming online at an unprecedented rate, it cannot be easy to keep up with all of this market activity. That is where housing property solicitors in Bradford come in! A conveyancing solicitor like AVRillo can guide you and give you expert advice on buying or selling a house in Bradford to make the most informed decision about your future property purchase or sale. 


Bradford has a rich history and is a beautiful city with much to offer. The houses in Bradford are very affordable, and the city has a lot of character. In addition, there are many historic buildings, parks, and green spaces that make it an ideal place to live.

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