Healthful Snacks That Won’t Derail Your

Healthful Snacks That Won’t Derail Your Diet

At your personal weigh-in each week, you can’t help but feel elated when you reach your weight goal. Of course, then, there are weeks when you ate a few too many Krispy Kremes and the scale shows it. #weightlossfail

Research shows that snacking—especially when the snacks aren’t so nutritious—can slow down weight loss and even contribute to weight gain. However, when you reach for healthy snacks, they can play a major role in helping you to achieve your weight loss or maintenance goals.

So, how do you combat your urge for those sweet treats and institute sensible snacking instead? Here’s a rundown on a handful of health snacks that are guaranteed not to derail your diet this fall.

Smoothies That Burn Fat (Yes, They Exist!)

If you’re looking for a treat to enjoy in the morning or after/before a workout, you generally can’t go wrong with making your own tasty antioxidant smoothie, especially one featuring berries, coconut oil, chia seeds, and green tea. That’s because the right berry smoothie offers the sweetness you’re looking for while also burning fat and resetting your metabolism, mostly thanks to the green tea.

Fat-burning smoothies also offer the benefit of boosting your fiber, which helps to flush away toxins. In addition, the healthy fats in these smoothies’ coconut oil help with balancing your blood sugar.

The green tea in this type of smoothie further helps to promote an overall feeling of wellness and reduces inflammation, making it an invaluable ingredient in any smoothie. The chia seeds promote heart health and provide invaluable energy as well—and that’s just what you need as you progress along your weight loss journey.

Low-Sugar Chocolate Candy (That Actually Tastes Great)

Not the smoothie type? No worries—a reduced-sugar chocolate option may tickle your fancy instead. This powerhouse of nutrition wrapped up in a chocolate shell tastes great despite featuring significantly less sugar than its traditional counterparts. And because it doesn’t contain an exorbitant amount of sugar, you don’t have to worry about it packing on the pounds.

In a high-quality option, you’ll find ingredients like dark chocolate, peanuts, organic palm oil, and sugar cane. You’ll also find organic quinoa, a popular grain crop that stands out for being very nutritious, full of fiber, and gluten-free. Look for a product that also contains sunflower lecithin, as it can benefit your liver, heart, and brain health.

Maracuya Fruit

If you’re serious about getting in your four servings of fruit per day, consider making one of those servings maracuya fruit.

Also known as golden passion fruit, maracuya is the holy grail of fruit for dieters because it is low in fat, sodium, and calories. This tropical fruit also features high amounts of natural sugars and carbohydrates, which help to reduce your body’s cholesterol levels. In addition, its high level of fiber will fill you up, therefore decreasing your craving for other food. This will make it easier for you to lose or maintain your target body weight in the long run.

Healthful Snacks That Won’t Derail Your

Passion Fruit – Free photo on Pixabay

Sweet and Filling Protein Shake

Does love shake? Guess what: you can still enjoy shakes while on a diet—as long as they are protein shakes. And the best part is that protein shakes can actually taste amazing when you make them yourself.

To make your own delectable shake while working on losing weight, simply combine fruit, like strawberries, with protein powder and milk. You can even add yogurt or even maple syrup for an extra sweet touch that won’t wreck your diet.

One of the main reasons why protein shakes help with weight loss is that the protein in them replaces carbohydrates, which may cause weight gain when eaten in large amounts. Protein, on the other hand, can improve your metabolic health and satisfy hunger, making it the better option.

Another reason to choose a protein shake is that protein will build your muscles, and the larger your muscles are, the higher the number of calories you’ll burn. When you consistently drink protein shakes, you’ll cause your body to continuously burn calories, which means you’ll constantly burn and lose fat.


If you’d like to satisfy your craving for salt every now and then, too, you can’t go wrong with hummus. It’s another smart snack choice that won’t derail your diet due to its high nutrient content.

This Middle Eastern spread is usually made by mixing garlic, lemon juice (which helps to boost your metabolism), sesame seeds, and chickpeas. Its hefty fiber content can help you to feel full longer, making it easier to avoid other unhealthy snacks and therefore reduce your daily calorie intake. This dip’s high quantity of protein can also help to curb your appetite and increase your metabolism for better weight loss results in the years ahead.

Healthful Snacks That Won’t Derail Your

Hummus Meal Chickpeas – Free photo on Pixabay

Enjoy Snacking While Still Staying Slim By Choosing the Right Treats Today!

Who said dieting had to be a boon for your body but a drag for your taste buds? With the right healthful snacks, you can consistently satisfy your craving for something sweet and lose weight—or keep it off—at the same time.

Consider adding the above-listed wholesome treat options to your diet today to enjoy more energy and say goodbye to unwanted fat. With their help, you can easily keep both your figure and your tastebuds happy from one weigh-in to the next.

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