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Eyebrow Routine

Eyebrows are something I’ve been trying to perfect for a long time and I’ve finally plucked mine into a shape that I’m happy with and found products that work really well for me, so I thought I’d share my routine with you all! 95% of the products I use are from Anastasia Beverly Hills, but I know there’s more affordable drugstore alternatives out there, I just haven’t got around to trying them out because I love these ones so much and none of them have ran out yet. Everyone has their own preference to brows, some people prefer the more natural looking type, some like them to be really bold, I’d say I go for an in between. They’re quite clearly shaped and very defined, but the colours and products I use blend in really well with my natural eyebrows and you can’t tell where the hairs end.

I never get my brows done by a professional, I often put a bit of hair dye on them if I’m dying my hair and want my brow hairs to be a bit darker (hardly any!) which I find works well for me and saves me having to pay to get them tinted. I pluck them probably every other day to keep stray hairs away and keep them in shape, I do like getting them waxed but I just find it a lot easier to just do them myself and then I can make sure they stay the shape I want them to be. They don’t grow very well either so I always worry getting them done by someone else will mean they accidentally get rid of hairs I don’t want rid of and then they will take forever to grow back!

I use my Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel to brush them into place before doing anything else to them, this is such a good gel and keeps the hairs in place all day. It also lasts forever, I’m still using my sample that I got probably over a year ago!

To fill them & shape them, I have two favourite products that I alternate between. The first is Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, which is a creamy waterproof mousse type formula that is smudge proof and won’t budge all day. Most people have heard about or used this anyway I’m sure, it’s so so good! The only thing that bothers me about it is that once you get half way through it, it tends to start drying out and is quite hard to use. I have this in Dark Brown & Chocolate and both work well.

The other product that I’ve just recently started using is a new one which is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. This is a retractable brow pencil with an angled shape, which is perfect for creating defined brows. It’s also double ended and comes with a spoolie on one end so you always have a brush on you for brushing the hairs into shape. I’ve definitely fallen in love with this product as it just makes it so easy to fill in and shape my brows, it’s not really smudge proof like the dipbrow but I don’t touch my brows throughout the day anyway so I’ve never had a problem with it, and it doesn’t run in the rain so we’re all good!

For my brushes, I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Angled Cut Brow Brush, even with the brow definer, just to make sure the edges are nice and smooth, and it helps get all the product in between the hairs of my brows so there’s no ugly gaps. This brush is also perfect for getting the tail of your brow nice and sharp. For the start of my brow, to get it nice and feathered and make sure the products don’t go on too heavily as I like it fade out and be nice and light, I use the Zoeva 317 Wing Liner Brush which is an angled brush that’s really soft and is just perfect for the job. I don’t find it useful for eyeliner at all as it’s not firm enough, but I’ve been using it for my brows for as long as I can remember and it’s so affordable too!

And finally, for the application I tend to just fill in all of the middle of my eyebrows with the product, using the ABH angled brush, then I blend it out towards the tail and I then get a bit more product in to get the nice sharp end. For the soft start, I wait until the rest of my brow is finished, and then I use my Zoeva 317 (with no product on) to softly blend the colour that’s already on my brows outwards, and it creates that nice faded edge!

I’m hopefully going to create another short video tutorial on this for my Instagram, I just haven’t got around to it yet. Hope you guys liked this post, what’s your favourite brow product?

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