Debunking Ten Common Myths About

Debunking Ten Common Myths About Kybella

Who doesn’t want to get rid of a double chin? But unfortunately, few are aware of how to go about the whole thing. Double chin tends to take a toll on your confidence. The excess weight on the face makes you look older and more overweight than you actually are. So, it’s not really surprising that you would want to do anything to solve the issue.  Here we are talking about Debunking Ten Common Myths About Kybella.

Luckily, kybella treatment offers you a perfectly safe and effective method to destroy fat cells. And it doesn’t involve any significant risks! One look at the kybella before and after results will be enough to tell you why exactly the treatment is so popular.

But despite its effectiveness, a lot of people are still wary of the revolutionary kybella treatment. Why? What are the common myths that prevent people from trying out this method to get rid of a double chin? Is it merely about the kybella cost, or is there more to it? Let’s shed some light on the common misconceptions surrounding this treatment for chin fat and the reality behind them.

Traditional diet and exercise do not always work to reduce a double chin. Men and women alike are dissatisfied with their facial features as a result. KYBELLA® is a fat-melting cosmetic injection that helps people achieve a thinner, more prominent chin. Dr Neil Bector is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a specialty in KYBELLA injections for neck fat removal.

So, what exactly is KYBELLA and what does it do? One of our most popular treatments is this innovative, non-invasive approach for eliminating neck fat. Patients interested in a KYBELLA treatment in Mississauga, ON, Canada may schedule an online consultation with a Lip Doctor. Continue reading to learn

How we refute the Ten most prevalent double chin removal misconceptions and arrange an online consultation-

  1. KYBELLA is only fit for overweight people

The appearance of a double chin is not limited to those who are overweight. KYBELLA may be right for you if you have extra fat in your submental region. The shape of your face might sometimes make a double chin appear more prominent than it should. A double chin can be caused by or worsened by ageing.

We may evaluate the region and design a tailored strategy to treat tiny pockets of fat in the upper neck during your appointment with Dr Neil Bector. Patients who are nursing, pregnant, or have an active infection should not use KYBELLA. Please inform us of any medical problems that may have an impact on the result of your therapy.

  1. KYBELLA procedures are invasive

When patients consider injections to remove neck fat, they may be apprehensive about the treatment’s invasiveness. In fact, KYBELLA is a wonderful alternative to liposuction or facelift surgery since it causes less discomfort. A numbing cream will be applied to the region beneath the chin by Dr. Neil Bector or one of our experienced injectors. After that, we provide a series of tiny injections. Most people only need one KYBELLA treatment, while others may need many sessions spaced approximately three weeks apart to achieve their aesthetic goals.

  1. KYBELLA results are only temporary

KYBELLA targets fat cells beneath the chin with a type of deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is generated naturally in our systems to aid fat absorption. The good news is that once the cells are removed, they are permanently gone. However, because the fat cells that remain after a KYBELLA operation might grow in size, it is critical to maintaining a constant weight following the procedure. This will keep new fat pockets from forming in the future. You may enjoy your KYBELLA benefits for years to come if you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  1. The recovery time is long

KYBELLA does not require general anaesthetic or intrusive procedures, so patients may go about their business as usual after treatment. You may have some minor adverse effects with KYBELLA, just as you may with other cosmetic injectables. Swelling, bruising, or redness beneath the chin are the most typical adverse effects, and they should only last 2–3 days. This can be relieved by applying an ice pack or cold compress to the affected area for 10–15 minutes at a time.

If you have any odd symptoms, contact Lip Doctor. Swallowing difficulties or facial muscular weakness are uncommon, but they should be reported right away. KYBELLA injections have a tendency to provide slow outcomes. Within 4–6 weeks of getting injections, targeted fat cells generally go from the region. Our patients describe a better-contoured appearance beneath the chin as a result of the procedure.

7. KYBELLA results are not noticeable

So, do injections for neck fat removal really work? KYBELLA has been shown to reduce fat behind the chin when given by a trained practitioner. The majority of people will see a considerable reduction in fat and a better chin profile. Depending on the degree of skin laxity, you may feel some little skin tightening. Patients can easily accommodate therapy into their hectic schedules because these advantages are delivered without surgery or anaesthetic. To learn more, contact Lip Doctor.

6. Kybella Treatment Is Dangerous for Your Skin

This is one of the primary worries that people have with regards to this treatment. Sure, it seems like an enticing idea to go for a cool sculpting chin, but is it really worth the risk?

But the truth is that this cool sculpting chin technique doesn’t pose any harm to your health. There’s a reason that it’s the only injectable method approved for destroying fat cells.

The treatment works due to the active ingredient deoxycholic acid. And this molecule is similar to bile acid produced naturally in the liver. So, you can be assured that you won’t be compromising your health to eradicate chin fat.

When Belkyra is injected into the submental fat, deoxycholic acid springs into action and disrupts the acid wall. Hence, the cellular membrane of fat cells is damaged, leading to cell death. Your body then removes the dead cells gradually. Thus, it’s apparent that the method does not involve any drastic changes in your body. You can go for a cool sculpting chin without any stress.

7. Kybella Is Too Time-Consuming

Yes, kybella helps get rid of chin fat. But the procedure takes too long. And you can’t take time out of work. This is what most people seem to think about this coolmini technique.

Once again, that’s not really the case. A session of kybella treatment wouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Additionally, you won’t even have to experience any excessive pain during the procedure. Therefore, you would be able to go about with your routine soon after getting done with the coolmini method. There’s no need to take time off work.

But keep in mind that you might have to take at least 2 to 4 sessions of the treatment to get your desired results. Each session of coolmini will be spaced around 8 to 12 weeks apart.

8. The Results Aren’t Long-Lasting

What good is the promising kybella before and after results if they don’t last long? Indeed, this is a strong argument presented by people who are hesitant to proceed with kybella treatment.

But the truth is that once you get the desired results after a few sessions, you can rest easy for quite a while. That’s right. The kybella before and after difference wouldn’t disappear within a short span.

Remember, the fat cells destroyed are removed from your body permanently. You will only need to go through the whole coolsculpting chin technique if you gain substantial weight again.

Sometimes, complementary treatments are required following the procedure to tighten the loosened skin. However, the results of your cool mini procedure won’t be fading away anytime soon.

9. The Kybella Treatment Is Painful

This will surely stop many people from going ahead with the treatment. No matter how promising the kybella before and after results are, you won’t want to put yourself through excruciating pain for the same.

However, the procedure is not really painful. Yes, you can experience slight discomfort and swell in the injected area, but that will resolve spontaneously. You will rarely need any painkillers after the procedure.

  1. 10. Kybella Cost Is Too High

Not everyone can bear the cost of expensive cosmetic procedures. So, it’s natural for people to be worried about kybella cost. But if you want to get rid of double chin, this is actually a cost-effective option due to its long-lasting effects.

It’s best to consult a professional who will guide you about the number of sessions right from the beginning. This will allow you to design your financial plan accordingly. Lip doctor is an excellent choice for this purpose.

Schedule a KYBELLA procedure

So, what exactly is KYBELLA and what does it do? For individuals in Mississauga, ON, this sophisticated technology has been shown to produce remarkable outcomes. Dr. Neil Bector, a board-certified plastic surgeon, can help you attain a softer jawline and chin, whether the pockets of fat were caused by genetics, age, or weight fluctuations. If you are self-conscious about your looks, our cosmetic surgery centre may conduct an evaluation and develop a customised plan for you. To understand more about this double chin removal therapy, schedule a video consultation with a Lip Doctor.

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