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7 Secret Baby Steps For A Healthy Lifestyle

In today’s era, society is alienated in two parts. First are the people who want a luxurious lifestyle, and second, want a simple lifestyle. Each of them has a misconception that they are living a healthy lifestyle.

Regular exercise with a healthy diet is considered a healthy lifestyle which is an utterly erroneous belief. Exercise and diet are merely a part of healthy living. There are a lot more factors that are completely neglected and those that lead to numerous health problems are forthcoming.

A Healthy Lifestyle is not just about your body fitness, there is a complete 360-degree circle of your 24/7 activities. So the question comes. What is healthy living, and what are the steps you need to follow?

I have answers to all your questions. Don’t miss the middle and last steps as these are the ones that will make or break that circle. Here are the 7 secret baby steps for a healthy lifestyle. But, before that let us understand what healthy living is.

What Is Healthy Living?

Healthy Lifestyle/Living is all about keeping a regulator on body, mind, and habits. Right from the instant, you wake up, to how much you eat, how your surrounding, and your sleep schedule all of this move toward a Healthy Lifestyle.

7 Secret Baby Steps For A Healthy Lifestyle

Seating and Sleep Balance

Each one of us works for 40-45 hours a week which is 8 hours a day. Working here is directly proportional to your deskbound in one place and working in front of the screen. What you need to do here is make a note of the time you sit down in one place and add 5 min of daily walking into it. Daily 8 hours of seating means you need to walk mandatorily for 40 minutes. This will keep your heart and body healthy which is severely affected by long seating.

Smile you are under 24/7 surveillance

Keep a smile on your face no matter how tough the situation is. A smile does not give a resolution to your problems but will certainly give you energy and peace of mind to think. This will result in a very quick solution for the whole thing. Also, a smiling face makes all the people around you happy and they feel extra connected to you. Don’t hesitate to give smile to strangers, who know she/he might end up being your true connection.

Spend time with yourself

I know this will sound insane but talk to yourself at least for 5 minutes every day. This will boost your confidence and self-belief. Spending time with yourself releases negative energy from the body which might otherwise get transferred into people around you. This correspondingly helps to know yourself better, and never get confused in between picks.

Ease your Sleep

Sleeping early at night is a big challenge for most of us. A maximum of the people tends to become insomniacs. Go to bed 5 minutes early and follow it every night. Continue this step until you reach a point where you get 7-8 hours of sound sleep. Avoid the use of gadgets before 30 minutes of going into bed. A fixed sleep schedule makes your body and mind synced and you feel refreshed even on a dully sunny day.

Use bright colors

Your surrounding is the riskiest as well as favorable to your lifestyle. Choose bright colors when you decide to paint your house. Colors are everything, the world is full of colors and each and everything around you is interrelated to color pattern. Our eyes are the most active body part, what we see is what we feel. Like a pleasant visual to eyes will always command our mind to smile. Always give your mind a reason to smile with the use of bright colors.

Enjoy your exercise

Workouts can be very lackluster at times. It requires an immense amount of dedication to regularly hit a gym or park for a workout. And, a gap even of few days leads to discontinuing it. To avoid all of this smartly shift to a type of exercise that you enjoy it can be dance or even playing your favorite sport. The reason for this is quite simple you tend to keep doing things regularly which you enjoy and even if there is a gap in your activity you don’t discontinue it. It’s as simple as if you like watching movies and could not watch a movie for a few days, you don’t stop watching them.

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating habits are of the utmost essence in a healthy lifestyle. Here are the things you need to follow for healthy eating:

  1. Drink a glass of water before you start eating your meal. This will help you to control overeating.
  2. Use plates while eating packaged food. It will let you understand how much you need to eat instead of completing the entire packet.
  3. Once done serving take away the food. You will always end up eating excess if the food is having lovely eye contact with you.
  4. Use words like healthy and unhealthy for food rather than bad and good. Food is not a person it can’t be good or bad.
  5. Eat slowly and take small bites and chew the food. This will help in the quick digestion of food and avoid excess fat in the body.

A healthy lifestyle is never an option it should be a part of life. Habits make or break your personality, so start taking these baby steps one at a time and I assure you will undeniably end up having an amazing and super healthy living.

Author Bio: Hitesh Agrawal is a food blogger and a content creator who has mixed his engineering knowledge with his marketing skills to create a world of fantastic food blog that not only gives you knowledge but a lot of entertainment. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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