How To Create Your Own Aesthetics Business?

How To Create Your Own Aesthetics Business?

If you are a medical professional such as a nurse, paramedic, dentist, or doctor and are looking for a career change or an extra revenue stream, one of the best ways you can do this is by training in aesthetics. Once you are trained in non-surgical facial aesthetics you can open up your own business. Now is the perfect time to enter the aesthetics industry and could be an excellent opportunity to generate additional income. This begs the question, where do you begin and how do you create your own aesthetics business?

Step 1: Book onto a beginner training course

The first step in becoming a successful aesthetics practitioner is to complete your training. It is best to start off with a beginner training course that teaches you how to complete Botox and dermal filler. With a number of cosmetic training courses available, it can be hard to decipher which is best. If you are a medical professional we recommend Dr Hennessy Academy, one of the leading providers of training courses for healthcare professionals. The course is designed so that at the end of it, you will leave ready to take on new clients and grow your very own aesthetics business. 

Understandably, as a beginner, you may feel apprehensive but with Dr. Hennessy Academy you do not need to worry. During the course, you will be taken through the science, the products, and contraindications in detail and this knowledge will give you the confidence to put your theory into practice on live models under the close supervision of Dr. Hennessy himself. 

Step 2: Determine your target client

Once you have completed your training, you are ready to start taking on clients of your own. The first step in taking on clients is determining a target market. Do you want to attract more exclusive, higher-end clients with money to burn, or do you want to make aesthetics accessible for everyone? These are important things to think about because they will affect your revenue stream, brand image, and your client base. 

Step 3: Set your pricing

Once you have decided on your dream target client you can set your pricing accordingly. The best part about starting out is that you get to decide exactly how you want to position yourself and how much you want to charge. To make sure your pricing is competitive, it is important you research the market, understand how much each procedure will cost you, the time and travel involved (if you are a mobile practitioner), and rent and utilities if you are based in a salon or clinic. 

Remember, building up a loyal customer base who will keep coming back and referring others is based on a consistently high-quality service, not necessarily based on having a cheap price point. 

Step 4: Build awareness of your brand

This step is where the hard work really begins. You need to be present across social media and have an aesthetically pleasing website that customers can find. So, how do you do this? Put simply, you need to market your brand. You can do this using social media advertising, paid advertising, and search engine optimisation. To find out more about marketing your brand, contact the experts such as Our Digital Team, one of the UKs leading digital marketing agencies, who are big enough to cope with a whole host of companies and small enough to care that each client see’s results. 

Step 5: Add to your portfolio with advanced training 

All you need to get started is to complete a foundation level botox and filler training course. If you want to develop your business and your personal skill set, the next step is to train up in more advanced aesthetics which will give you a deeper understanding of a wider set of treatments. By training up in more treatments puts you in a better position against competition and opens you up to more potential customers. 

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