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Computer Screen Protectors & Privacy Filters

A privacy filter also called a privacy screen or a screen filter was created to protect a laptop or the display screen of your desktop monitor from prying sight and shoulder surfers. They reduce the taking a look at the position, allowing only the individual sitting immediately before the display screen, typically the user, to view the articles on the display screen. Privateness filters fit immediately above a keep an eye on display and attach firmly in front. Privacy filter systems also reduce radiation and glare made from LCD and CRT computers keep an eye on displays. So if you want to see how computers are uses in our routine life see these 20 uses of computer in our real life.

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Privacy screens for laptops and History and Making Information

The level of privacy filter systems was first introduced in the 1990s by 3M, formerly called Minnesota Mining and Creation Company, located in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Privateness filtration technology was better in the 2000s and the company makes a wide range of privateness filtration system products. 3M personal privacy filters feature a limited guarantee of 1 12 months from enough time of purchase.


3M privacy filtration systems feature micro-louver technology that prevents prying sight from taking a look at the contents of the screen. Privacy filter systems are made of skinny sheets of plastic material film, not higher than 2 millimeters thick. They stop the screen from all unintended visitors, permitting them to see only a dark-colored rectangle in its place. Privateness filters are chiseled, thin panels that come in two basic designs: framed and frame-less. They are made to fit and detach quickly, fitted neatly into the bezel for both wide-screen and regular CRT and LCD shows.

Types and Sizes

There are various kinds of privacy filters available for sale, with the three most usual being laptop privacy filters, LCD monitor privacy filters and CRT monitor privacy screens. They come in various sizes, with respect to the size of the screen, such as 12, 13, 14, 17 and 19 in . screens. By August 2010, level of privacy screens for cell phones are also available, including those for Blackberry, Nokia and iPhone handsets.


Privacy filtration systems are a perfect solution for users who work in high-traffic establishments and areas. They are being used to protect delicate data and information for insurance, banking, finance, recruiting, trade, evaluation rooms and medical workers. Privacy filter systems are also used by government officials conducting very sensitive procedures and homeowners who are sticklers for privacy.


Privacy filtration systems allow computer users to maintain confidential and personal information. It enables those to work in crowded areas, trains, airports, caffeine shops, buses, and office buildings and never has to be concerned about passersby gazing at their monitors. Privacy filter systems protect very sensitive intellectual property, reduce glare and stop computer-use related headaches. In addition, they protect computer and cellphone monitors from abrasions, scratches, and dust.

Here’s why you need to use privateness screens

Furthermore from protection your articles from being viewed by prying sight, a privacy filter can also help eliminate excessive glare from your computer screen. Did you know glare causes all sorts of conditions which range from chronic headaches to Presbyopia which is, in fact, the weakening of your eyeball muscles?

If you are in a position to eliminate glare from your personal computer screen, you could work a lot longer house without sense tired or obtaining a headache. People who have complained of problems by the end of each day found a substantial improvement in their condition as soon as they installed an anti-glare filtration system on the computer screen.

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