Chocolate and related issues of men's health

Chocolate And Related Issues Of Men’s Health

Do you like chocolate? This question has the same answer from every age group irrespective of being affected with disorders which is a big Yesss!!! From childhood, we began eating chocolates and since then in every celebration or even ordinary days, chocolates have been part of it. Many of us are so much in love with chocolate that we fantasize about eating chocolates daily. But it would never be a healthy option because like every other thing in nature eating chocolates within limits is good, excess consumption brings problems. 

But chocolates must not be misunderstood as junk foods because it is not high in cholesterol and nor it is rich in sugar. But you cannot just keep eating chocolate every day, it should be taken in small amounts as desserts. Chocolates are eaten in various forms such as simply dark chocolate bars, candies, chocolate smoothies, and milkshakes, or chocolate ice-creams. There is a chocolate scam also going on where milk powder is mixed with cocoa powder to give a brown color and then sugar is added for a sweet taste. Thus, the customer is fooled by the name of branded chocolates. Such chocolates are harmful and can cause serious risks which makes the use of Vidalista 20 and Kamagra Oral Jelly necessary. 

In this article, we should focus on real chocolate and the health issues, both its positive and negatives on your health. 

Goods Of Eating Chocolate

Often there is a pre-conceived notion in adults which is then passed on to us that anything which tastes good is unhealthy and all healthy foods are not tasty. To some extent it is true but with modernization, FMCG brands have come with healthy and tasty snacks and meals to serve both purposes. But luckily chocolate is not included in the old rhetoric of tasty things being unhealthy. One can list n number of advantages of eating a bar of dark chocolate. Some of them are:

Uplifts Mood

Your mood is affected by the levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter. Low levels of dopamine mean dull, depressed, and lethargic moods. Whereas high levels of dopamine indicate cheerful, enthusiastic, energetic, and high levels of excitement. If you are feeling low because you had a fight with your best friend, verbal spat with a girlfriend, or scolded by your boss, it’s okay, grab a bar of chocolate. Scientifically chocolate has been proved to improve dopamine levels and uplift your mood from sadness to happiness. A subtle and unknown reason for eating chocolates is depicted in advertisements where an upset child when given chocolate suddenly becomes extremely happy and starts dancing. 

Keeps Blood Circulation In Check

Fluctuations in blood circulation distress the entire body by causing blood pressure-related issues, pulse rate, mental health, and overall functioning of the organs. The blood circulation should be neither in excess nor deficient. High blood pressure results in hypertension, more stress on the heart, nervous breakdown, and poor levels of satisfaction from the relationship. Eating chocolate keeps control of blood circulation as it reduces the levels of bad cholesterol and creates a smooth pathway for blood to enter organs. The cardiac muscles in the walls often get stretched extensively during high blood pressure. Chocolates ease tension in those muscles and arrive at normal levels, which evades the risk of possible cardiac problems. 

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Fights Inflammation

Eating chocolates help overcome inflammation, swelling, and mild allergies because of their anti-inflammatory properties in cocoa beans. But the effect is more visible if the chocolate content exceeds the sugar content. Mostly as discussed in local chocolates the sugar content is high. Therefore, you do not feel any difference in inflammation. Eat original and branded dark chocolates that taste bitter to fight against inflammation.

Risks Associated With Chocolate Consumption

Like every food chocolate too has two sides. The risks related to chocolate are mostly mild ones which can be prevented if the person is alert and health-conscious. Some of the risks related to chocolate are listed below:

Disturbs Sleep-Wake Cycle

Chocolate is rich in caffeine, a stimulant present in coffee and tea that keeps the person awake and overcomes sleepiness. The more original and dark the chocolate is, the more is stimulating activity. It can lead to insomnia, a condition where you may find it difficult in falling asleep or narcolepsy where during the night the person remains awake and excessive sleeping is observed during daytime. Reduce the intake of chocolate and meet a doctor if the sleep cycle is damaged extensively. 

Possibility Of Kidney Stones 

If the doctor has already warned about the possibility of kidney stones or stones in the pancreas then be cautious. It is better to avoid chocolates for some time because they have a compound known as oxalates which get deposited to form stones. Oxalates are found in regular food items, usually, it is excreted through urine but if you do not drink much water then it gets accumulated. 


New Year is coming and you must be ready with all types of chocolates to celebrate the event. But at the same time be health-conscious and eat chocolate in amounts that do not pose any threat, or else Cenforce 150 is always out there for help. 

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