6 Essential Styles for Summer Vacation

Summer is almost here, and the summer season is made for traveling and for going on vacation however you like to spend your time. No matter where you travel or vacation to, you may want to look fashionable. This means cute shorts, bright colors, crop tops, and brand-new styles for you to try out! You can find six Essential Styles for Summer Vacation in the list that is below.

1. Crop Tops and Shorts

This simple and casual outfit is perfect if you are going camping in the Adirondacks or if you are going on a luxury vacation in a resort. Look for a plain white crop top that has a tie-front that you can pair with a beige pair of linen shorts. You can also wear distressed, high-rise denim shorts if you want to go for something a bit more rugged. This outfit would pair nicely with a chic pair of sandals or with tennis shoes if you are out in nature for your trip. This outfit is a go-to summer staple for all fashionable people. The crop top and shorts are classic and have been adapted in many different ways. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a crop top, just look online at the many different ways of styling these outfits for different body types. For larger bodies, some people prefer high-rise bottoms to pair with the cropped look. All versions of this look are perfect for the summer and you should give it a try!

2. Two-Piece Sets

Two-piece sets are all of the rage this year in the fashion world for the summer season. This outfit is super cute if you have a cutesy style or if you are going somewhere romantic as you will immediately stand out. These two-piece sets also have a slightly retro vibe to them so you can accessorize them with retro sunglasses, bold jewelry, and chunky sandals that are sure to turn heads. These sets are perfect for any summer occasion and are sure to turn heads. To take this outfit to the next level though, get a purse that matches the outfit or that is woven and made from straw.

3. Bodysuits

If you are going to the beach or to the lake this summer, there is no point in changing clothes all day if you will be in and out of the water. Pair a one-piece bathing suit with a cute pair of high-waisted shorts or jean shorts. This will make your bathing suit look like a bodysuit so that you have that modern beachy look that you need to show off. If you do have a bodysuit, it will still pair nicely with the high-waisted shorts and with a lot of accessories that pull it all together. Also, there are various pet travel agencies that let you travel with your pet with all the safety and comfort. Bodysuits are nice for any high-waisted bottom. Bodysuits with wide collars to show your collar bone and shoulders are super cute for summer outings and even dates. Try pairing a bodysuit and high-waisted shorts with a big necklace as a statement piece. If you haven’t tried a bodysuit before, we highly recommend finding one you feel comfortable in. These are versatile articles of clothing that can be casual and cute or sexy and exciting, but always fashionable.

4. Y2K Bathing Suits

The fashion looks of the early 2000s are back in if you are looking for a new bathing suit for this year. Look for a bikini that is a bright color and that may even have a bold print if you really want to stand out at the beach. You can get a cover-up in a bright color for when the breeze becomes cool or when you want to travel to and from the beach. Make sure that you get a pair of large sunglasses to go even further with the Y2K look you are going for. If you aren’t comfortable wearing a two-piece bathing suit, there are endless options for stylish one-pieces. If you are experimenting with two pieces, try going for high-rise bottoms or swimming shorts as a stylish alternative to the traditional two-piece. Pair this with some sandals and a wide-brimmed sun hat for the perfect poolside look.

5. Linen Pants

This year, it may be more formal to wear a wide-legged pair of linen pants than anything else. If you are planning to go to a nice dinner, you can pair these linen pants with a matching strapless top or strapless crop top of the same color. Put on a nice pair of strappy heels and keep a cute clutch with you to look formal from head to toe while on vacation. Chunky gold jewelry would look nice with a neutral set such as a black, white, cream, or even beige set. Linen pants are a perfect style for men’s summer fashion. Take a pair of linen pants and pair them with a Hawaiian shirt or other printed and patterned button-up short-sleeve shirts. Linen is a great material to wear, it will keep you warm when you need to be warm and cool in the summertime! Linen is lightweight and stylish. You can get linen wide-legged pants and a boxy linen button-up for a contemporary summer style.

Also if you are going on a date, there are various options are available for a perfect date dress for every season.

6. Maxi Dress

The final piece that you can make formal or casual for your vacation is a maxi dress. These dresses are always in style, and they are easy to throw on and wear to wherever you need to go while you are on vacation. Look for one with a slit if you want to show off your shoes and if you want the dress to flow with the wind so that it looks more elegant. For a casual look, go with a matching pair of strappy sandals, and to dress it up more, wear strappy heels and bold jewelry. If you’re not big into dresses, you can also get maxi skirts in different colors and patterns to pair with your favorite tee or blouse for a more casual look. Maxi dresses are really great because they can offer you a cute yet modest look if you’re going out for the entire day. Or, you can get a sexier style of the maxi dress with a lower cut top and a long slit along the leg to show off some skin.

Final Thoughts: 6 Essential Styles for Summer Vacation

No matter where you go on vacation, you will always be in style by choosing from the six looks above. These will all keep you comfortable in the summer sun and stunning as well. Don’t forget that there are tons of versions of each of these styles, all with various looks and aesthetics in mind. If you are experimenting with these styles, don’t be afraid to try things on and see how they fit your body, and then adapt them to work for you. For example, if you like the top of a two-piece, then only use the top and switch out the buttons for some linen pants or shorts that you are comfortable wearing. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and being comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. Experiment with any of the looks above to determine what you like to wear and what suits you best for your vacation.

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