Birthday Cake Ideas

6 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

The first birthday of your baby holds a special place in your heart. You want everything to be special and according to the tastes of your kid.

Apart from all party planning, you can make your kid happy with a perfect birthday cake. There are plenty of choices in terms of cute birthday cakes to select from. You can even get a custom-made cake, according to your wish.

To help you pick a cake design, here are 6 amazing birthday cake ideas for your kid’s first birthday.

  1. A cookie cake

A delicious cake with cooking toppings has everything that your baby would like. Cookie cakes look beautiful and taste delicious. You just need to find a reliable provider of tasty cakes in London. The flavour choices are diverse such as chocolate nut, strawberry, chocolate orange, peanut butter jelly, and many others.

  1. A cartoon character cake

Cartoon character cakes are exceptionally popular. Your kid’s favourite cartoon character can take the shape of a cake and make him or her really happy. But you first need to clearly know, which cartoon character your kid likes. Is it Superman, Wonder Woman or some other superhero?! Similarly, you can get cakes that look like the face of Micky Mouse and Mini Mouse as well. Cartoon character cakes perfectly relate to your kid’s taste and cheer him or her up.\

A cartoon character cake

  1. A fruit cake

Does your baby like a particular fruit?! How about you turn that fruit into a cake! Custom cake providers can help you order cake online London and get a fruit cake in the desired flavour. You can order beautiful designs of mango cakes, pineapple cakes, grape cakes, blueberries, and other fruit cakes. If you prefer, you can get fruit toppings to increase the beauty and deliciousness of the cake.

  1. An animal-shaped cake

If you have a pet dog or a kitten, you can get a cake that looks like a pet at home. Also, you can get inspiration from your baby’s favourite animal and get the cake designed. Experiences custom cake providers are capable enough to create animal-themed cakes. You can also choose a bird such as a parrot, an owl or an eagle to have a colourful cake for your kid.

animal shaped cake

  1. An outfit-themed cake

If you have decided on a particular outfit theme for the party, align the birthday cake design with it too. For instance, if your baby boy’s birthday party theme is a blue or black suit and tie, get a suit-tie cake. Or, you can order a floral pink cake design to match the pink dress theme for your baby girl’s birthday party.

  1. A king or queen cake

The Best Cakes London offers designs for king or queen-themed parties. A king-themed design suits baby boys’ birthday parties, while queen-themed designs fit baby girls’ birthday parties.

Depending on the theme of your baby’s birthday party, you can choose delicious cakes in London. Make sure you select an experienced cake bakery to get multiple options in terms of designs, flavours, and tastes.

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