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Synthetic Division Worksheets & Teaching Resources

Are you feeling difficulty dealing with polynomials? The synthetic division calculator is the most significant source that helps in solving the polynomials with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle and stress that prevails while solving mathematical expressions. The synthetic division calculator ensures to provision of the most accurate outcomes in the least possible time. Hence, one can solve as many questions as he wants.

Now the synthetic division is no more a tough or challenging task for the students as they can do it with much flexibility. Students do find synthetic division a lengthy process, as it is solved normally at the end of the integration or derivation.

So students find it hectic to solve the problem by themselves. They want to concentrate on solving the main problem, not solving the lengthy synthetic division in their solution as it is too time-consuming for them. The synthetic division calculator helps them to solve the ending calculator of the problem by the calculator. Let’s discuss below what are the Synthetic Division Worksheets & Teaching Resources.

Synthetic Division Worksheets

The worksheets for the synthetic division are enormous in number. One must settle for the most reliable one having the user interface. It will help in solving the polynomials on these with ease. Indeed, one can use it to solve multiple synthetic divisions without any hassle. Most often, these work well for students of grades 8 to grade 12.

One of the highly popular and frequently used synthetic division worksheets is Dividing Polynomials (Long Division and/or Synthetic Division) Math Lib. This worksheet comprises multiple questions that the user has to solve sagaciously. The right calculation helps the students to gain success. The supporting format for the Dividing Polynomials Math Lib is Google Apps and Zip. We also have another site called factors of 24 on which you can get more mathematics-related information, so if you want then you can also visit us there.

The major and exciting feature of such worksheets is that they comprise a student worksheet and ten stations. These worksheets help students to go through enormous questions and solve these fabulously. Such kind of facilitation enhances the interest of students in math.

Indeed, they can go through the already solved content and their attempts for exam preparation. These are available online or can be availed from the Google Play Store.

Teaching Resources

The teaching resources for the synthetic division are tremendous. Teachers try hard to offer the best concept of different algebraic concepts. They give the demonstration on the board and in advanced classes, there is the use of the projector. The use of technology helps in letting students know more and more about mathematical concepts.

The teacher should explain how we can use polynomials in solving various algebraic problems. Students may wonder initially, where we are going to use the algebraic polynomial in solving the problems. The real-time example can be great for reviving the student’s concept, how we made the polynomial itself. For it, the teacher should try to focus on the real-time example like, “


if the age of the mother today is three times the age of her daughter, if the age of the daughter is 10 years today, The sum of their ages is equal to 40 today, then get the age of the mother.

Now  Let the age of the girl today= X

         Then the age of her mother = 3X

The Equation would be

                            X+3X= 40

When students solve these real-time examples, they can easily understand the concept of the polynomials, and algebraic expressions in real life. When teachers implement such kinds of activities in the classroom, the interest of the students is enhanced, and they start to focus more on learning algebra. Students find it difficult to understand the bookish concept, they want an example from their life to explain a concept, they can adequately understand the concept.

It is students’ psychology, they always think, what is the benefit of doing algebra in real life? When they solve the real-time examples, it develops their interest in the subject itself.

The books and lectures of teachers work best to explain the concepts. Moreover, the hands-on practice of discussing the concepts with friends is the ideal approach. One can cross-check the answer of their synthetic division exercises at the synthetic division calculator.

Free Online Synthetic Division Calculator

Synthetic substitution calculator is one of the highly accessible online calculators. You can get the services of a synthetic division calculator when you have a robust internet connection. Open up the online calculator and get the instant solution to the algebraic questions. The students have to provide the information for the divisor and dividend in the online calculator. After doing so, click on the button of Calculate and let it process your commands. The long division method is quite complex and tricky.

Hence, it is better to go through the process of synthetic division for solving the polynomials. A synthetic division calculator is the most convenient and reliable method for the determination of zeros of polynomials. In the case of synthetic division, the divisor is the one that is used as the binomial equation. The polynomial with a higher exponent value takes a lot of time, so students can use the synthetic division calculator to solve the problem efficiently.

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